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Free Download A Very Full House v0.4.0 For Windows PC, macOS, & Linux in a pre-installed game file direct link to the latest updates. MetaMira released the game on 27 September 2022 in the adventure franchise category. Now you can download this game’s latest version with all future updates.

A Very Full House Game Information

Game Name:A Very Full House
File Name:AVeryFullHouse-0.4.0-pc.zip
Publisher:Levi Ross
File Size:150.41 MB
Operating System:Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux
Content Rating:12+
File Format:ZIP & RAR
Last Update:2022-11-15
Game Languages:English (eng subtitle)

A Very Full House Game Overview

A Very Full House! It’s a game about love, seduction, and corruption, all centred around a MILF-y main character. Do your best to take control of your household and keep everything under control, by any means necessary!​

What’s new in A Very Full House?

Major Update Features
New Outfits! Sit down at your sewing machine and make alterations to your outfits, cutting them down to a more convenient (and alluring) size! Three cutdown outfit variants are now available. A new workout outfit has also been added – take your yoga to the next level with some proper workout gear!

Nerd Art! The Nerd has received a full suite of high quality art! This means a full standing pose, complete with different outfit states. The handjob and masturbation frames have also been updated to match his new art!

New Events! Put that new yoga outfit to use with a new exercise scene, and see everyone’s reactions when you show up in your newly cutdown outfits!

– Added short quest for Cheerleader that introduces the sewing station. Triggered by cleaning her room while she’s there.
– Added ability to find your old sewing station in the basement.
– Added ability to cutdown your daily outfit.
– Added ability to cutdown your onepiece.
– Added ability to cutdown your work outfit.
– Fixed previously added shower event not triggering unless Nerd was at EXACTLY CL2 (and no higher.)
– Added Nerd character art.
– Applied default idle animation to Nerd.
– Fixed default idle animations not be applied when saves are patched.
– Added basic spread of expressions to Nerd.
– Updated panties outfit to play nicely with layering under transparent clothing (like the new yoga pants).
– Updated Outfit and OutfitManager class to support accessory, hairstlye, and breast lift parameters.
– Added minified version of daily outfit. Currently only available to patrons.
– Added workout outfit.
– Added ponytail hairstyle. Used with workout outfit, can also be worn with any other outfit.
– Added bikini swimwear. Currently only available to patrons.
– Removed most “what should you wear” questions. You can now decide on a default outfit from your closet, and that will be used automatically each time.
– Fixed Nerd appearing in the livingroom after being told to clean the bathroom.
– Fixed Firebrand not actually cleaning her room when told to.
– Lowered stress reduction from doing yoga without a proper outfit.
– Added Nerd specific hand art to the handjob/masturbation frame.
– Added short extra segment to playing Caves of Grothnar. Includes patron thank you names.
– Flirting in a revealing outfit adds an extra 5 arousal over the default amount.
– Added an intermediate yoga branch, triggered if you’re wearing proper workout gear. Includes multiple interactions with The Jock.
– Added dialogue branch when you talk to Jock for the first time in a revealing outfit. Also added new flirt interaction if he has high CL (4+)
– Added dialogue when you talk to Nerd for the sfirst time in a revealing outfit. Also added new flirt interactions.
– Added new narration when you wear a revealing outfit to work for the first time.
– Added new narration for wearing a revealing outfit to the mall or church.
– Adjusted the position of the phone home button so it properly sits at the very bottom.
– Patreon password is now remembered, no more entering it every time you want to tweak stats.
– Added placeholder art for a bunch of minor locations: mall, pharmacy, church, caves of grothnar, grocery store.


  • Added washing dishes event for Nerd if you interact with him after telling him to do the dishes.
  • Added washing dishes event for the Jock if you interact with him after making him do the dishes.
  • Added stub event for the Cheerleader if you interact with her after making her do the dishes.
  • Added a footrub event for Jock if you have a nap while he’s in the room. Can grant corruption points.
  • Added a “cock_frame” frame for MCILF for use in any events that need one not tied to a specific male character.
  • Added an “aroused” expression for MCILF.
  • Added a new event when doing laundry.
  • Added a new event when coming back to the shower (if the Nerd is CL2+, 50+ Nerd Arousal).
  • MCILF arousal now only drops by 50 when masturbating with CL3 or higher.
  • Extended chore list app screen so it uses up the whole phone screen.


  • Added rough colour backgrounds for all locations
  • Added support for varying clickable art based on time of day.
  • Added support for generic lighting effects based on time of day.
  • get_location functions now actually get a location instead of a clickable. Introduced get_clickable functions.
  • Added new character art for Slacker.
  • Added experimental cumshot art for handjob/masturbation frame.
  • Added helper functions for toggling shirts, pants, etc. on and off for a Person.
  • Guy class now has “is_hard” variable, which can modify how frames are displayed. Set to False when reset_outfit is called.
  • Added some Guy specific helper functions for common stripping actions.
  • Outfits now reset at the end of all interactions (to avoid accidentally leaving people half-stripped after events).
  • Held animations are reset at the end of all interactions (to avoid “invisible” animations being left on indefinitely)
  • Updated Slacker emotion files to use new model parameters.
  • Added placeholder actions to “go to the mall”.
  • Added placeholder pharmacy at the mall. Currently allows you to restock on condoms.
  • Added Slacker handjob option for gaining Control.
  • Added minor interaction with the MCILF nightstand. Allows you to find a single condom early on.
  • Added Jock handjob option for gaining Control.
  • Added Nerd handjob option for gaining Control.
  • Added patching system to make it significantly easier to maintain backwards save compatibility.
  • Added “extra_update_labels” field for SavePatch class. Mods can append labels to this to also support version patching.
  • Interaction hub menus now show arousal and control of that NPC.
  • NPCs can now gain 2 corruption points during the pose scene if you strip for them.
  • Added support for an NPC’s scheduled location to be temporarily overridden (eg. if they are moved by a chore or event)
  • NPCs will now move to locations when you ask them to do a chore there.


Major Update Features

  • New art! A new frame has been added, specifically for use with the male NPCs. The “cock frame” is now used in a bunch of masturbation events and comes with a whole set of fun animations. Unfortunately Patreon frowns upon public NSFW content, so you’ll just have to trust me until you see this in game that it adds a lot. There’s also an entire new outfit for the Caves of Grothnar MMO storyline and some rough coloured backgrounds!
  • New events! There’s a smattering of new content throughout the game in the form of new conversation options and new item interactions. Check out the very start of the Caves of Grothnar MMO storyline!
  • New mechanics! There have been a couple of mechanics added to the game. If your Arousal reaches it’s cap you excess is now converted into Stress, giving you a reason to keep your own personal lust under control! In a similar way, NPCs now convert overflowing Arousal into negative Control! You’ll need to keep everyone’s physical needs under control if you want to keep them… under control.
  • Polish! A lot of things have been tweaked to make the game as playable as possible (a very important trait for a video game to have, I’ve been told!). My particular favourite is the new phone alert bubble, which lets you know how many chores you have uncompleted for the day!


  • – Started keeping a changelog.
  • – Added Nerd masturbation help event.
  • – Added Slacker masturbation help event.
  • – Added Jock masturbation help event.
  • – Added MCILF (MC I’d Like to Fuck) butt frame.
  • – Added better animation support.
  • – Added animations for butt frame
  • – Made frames clickable. Currently used to trigger animations.
  • – Wrote code so frames can actually be shown/hidden by events.
  • – Added MCILF boob frame.
  • – Added animations for boob frame.
  • – Slowed default idle animation so it plays nicely with other animations.
  • – Animation code now applies stacking animations so their combined value stays within max/min ranges.
  • – Added support for starting/stopping looping animations.
  • – Added ability to soft-end animations (allowing them to play out their last cycle).
  • – Updated all models to include butt and boob related physics so animations are properly in all of them.
  • – Added option to disable censor bars from the very start of the game.
  • – Updated bathroom mirror checkout event to use boob and butt frames where appropriate.
  • – Updated Nerd’s masturbation help event to use boob and butt frames.
  • – Updated Jock’s masturbation help event to use boob and butt frames.
  • – Updated Slacker’s masturbation help event to use boob and butt frames.
  • – Updated Nerd bedroom tease event to use butt frame.
  • – Updated Slacker bedroom tease event to use butt frame.
  • – Updated Jock livingroom yoga tease event to use butt frame.
  • – Updated classroom corruption event to use boob and butt frames.
  • – Updated Slacker shower corruption event to use boob and butt frames.
  • – Added placeholder Priest character model.
  • – Added placeholder Student character model.
  • – Updated Nerd, Jock, Slacker, Cheerleader, Firebrand models to include “Placeholder” note.
  • – Non-household NPCs now default to their own last name in the naming loop.
  • – Leaving the house now requires you wear a “Casual” or “Work” outfit; other outfits can be worn around the house.
  • – Added patron exclusive outfits: Cutdown casual clothing, cutdown work clothing, and a cutdown onepiece.
  • – Added phone app to unlock patron exclusive outfits.
  • – Added basic swimming event.
  • – Added short quest to find onepiece swimsuit.
  • – Added basic lawnchair event.
  • – Added tanned skin art.
  • – Added mechanics for tanning from sunbathing.
  • – Added tan-lines for different types of swimsuits, proportional to how often you tan in that outfit.
  • – Added mechanics for tans and tan lines fading over time.
  • – Making dinner now only advances time if you have a family dinner.
  • – Added flirt chat option for Nerd.
  • – Added flirt chat option for Slacker.
  • – Added flirt chat option for Jock.
  • – Added short fade to black on time and day change.

Developer Notes:

This is a very early demo for the game. There will be placeholder items, locations, interactions, and art galore! Almost everything you see will be improved, replaced, or expanded upon during development.

That said, this release does contain all of the code I’ll need to add new content – written events, art, outfits, and so on – right away! Here’s a rundown of the major features I’m hoping this version shows off:

Map Movement – This is pretty straight forward, but it’s obviously still important! The full game will be filled with dozens of locations, each populated with items and characters for you to interact with. The current room images are all placeholders; I’ll be adding in high quality assets to replace them.

Item Interactions – Another simple concept, but just as important. Clickable items are easy to add, and easy to add new interactions to. The goal is to have every location filled with things to interact with! Just like with locations all of the art you’ll see for these are placeholders.

NPCs – Probably the single most important part of the game, NPCs can be interacted with. Every NPC has a collection of stats like Arousal, Control, or Corruption Level which locks or unlocks interactions with them. At the moment only the five main housemates are represented, and those are still using old placeholder art developed for my original prototype. Replacing these with high quality models is a high priority!

Game Screenshot:

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