A3 Roadmap for Becoming a High-Performance Team

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The A3 roadmap provides an actionable step-by-step guide for organizations that are striving to improve the performance of their teams and achieve operational excellence. In this course, instructor Sam Yankelevitch covers the important A3 topics you need to know, including: Recognizing what a high-performance team is (and isn’t) about; Illustrating how a roadmap helps visualize how to clearly move from the current situation to an improved one; the eight steps of the A3 thinking process; modeling a successful organizational design example as a future state in your A3 model; and more. He also details specific work practices needed to achieve high performance, like communication, psychological safety, problem solving, rituals, meetings and decision making. Sam then illustrates the whole process via a real-life case study that moves from current team performance to improved performance.

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