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Amalgam Games released a new game called Bloodshift and the version is 3.984-PUB. The game’s story is about Draco, a Stuart era carnal vampire, awakens in 21st century America with no understanding how he got there– or who brought him. To solve this mystery and recover his status, he must find clues, gain influence, drink blood, and enslave beautiful young women into his stable. This is a chapter-based, point & click adventure/exploration game containing puzzles and light stat-management. The story and mechanics are hardcore into MIND CONTROL & CORRUPTION, so if you’re an MC fetishist, this game was made for you.​

File Size:1.32 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac


  • v3.984, released August 2, 2023
    • SCOPE
      • This is the complete public game so far from Chapter 0 through the very beginning of Chapter 5.
      • Chapter 4 is 95% complete. The chapter’s climax is a survival challenge that is not yet fully developed. Feel free to skip it.
      • Gameplay is over once all your tasks are listed as insoluble.
      • The stuck door in the warehouse still has no function.
      • There is a rare bug where, If you click rapidly while typing in your name when starting a new game, it may cause the player to start in a black screen and be unable to do anything. Just don’t do that.
      • Loading time substantially improved (boot time is still long)
      • Fixed a variety of sprites that were cut off.
      • All mandatory puzzles can now be skipped.
      • Chapter 1 substantially reworked for better flow and gameplay clarity.
      • Brendan has been retconned to no longer be a school friend of Michelle’s, for better flow and gameplay clarity.
      • Clickable areas in the scene now spawn a small arrow to help you identify and differentiate what you are clicking on.
      • If you have the Astregression ability when running out of time, the game will prompt you to use it if you wish.
      • Téa is now accessible beyond Chapter 2 as long as you have the things you need.
      • Added casino
      • Added luxury suite floor
      • Added church bodyguards Russell and Julian
      • Added storage function in coffin (holds dragon statuette from Chapter 2)
      • Added 10 puzzles and/or sub-puzzles
      • Two secret girls included, though there could be more
    • EXPERIMENTAL ADDITIONS (not fully functional)
      • Added some limited sex animations
      • Added a limited memories shop
      • Interactions with Kelly expanded
      • Several scene items added on campus for future gameplay.

Developer Notes:

  • This is not a visual novel.
    • It contains challenging puzzles requiring creative thinking, good observation, and searching for information outside the game.
    • You can skip any puzzles you don’t want to solve.
  • Known errors and self-fixes
    • There may be some mechanical errors in the game, namely, UI freezes, faded screens, and a broken inventory.
    • If your UI is disabled and you cannot click on anything, press F5.
    • If your screen has blacked out and not returned, press F7.
    • If your inventory has messed up, or items have gone missing, press F6.
    • See the offical public changelog for more debugs.
  • This game support save-game continuity but only saves at v3.8 or later will work. Otherwise you have to start over.
  • As of August 2023, the game is in “lateral development mode”, meaning that I will not be working on Chapter 5. Instead, I will be working on polishing and optimizing the game, and expanding on the material that is already there, rather than adding more. Join my SS to be up to date on all the content updates!

Game Screenshot:


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