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Free Download Camp Mourning Wood v0.0.5.3 For Windows PC, macOS, & Linux in pre-installed game file direct link with latest updates. The game was released by Exiscoming on 25 August 2022 in the adventure franchise category. Now you can download this game’s latest version with all future updates from here.

Camp Mourning Wood Game Information

Game Name:Camp Mourning Wood
Publisher:Levi Ross
File Size:335.6 MB
Operating System:Windows, macOS, and Linux
Content Rating:12+
File Format:ZIP & RAR
Last Update:2022-10-29
Game Languages:English (eng subtitle)

Camp Mourning Wood Game Overview

In CMW you take control over El Presidente, as he’s being sent to an all-girls reform camp for troubled youth. The game is a combination of typical summer camp mischief, making friends, and “experimenting”, but also a mystery game involving monster girls, arcane languages, and a quest to save the camp from a terrible fate!​

What’s new in Camp Mourning Wood?


  • N/A

25-08-2022 | v0.0.0.14 – v0.0.0.15 – v0.0.0.16
Small graphical glitches fixed

23-08-2022 | v0.0.0.13

  • New background for forest river
  • Replaced more placeholder graphics
  • Bugfixes

11-08-2022 | v0.0.0.12

  • Disabled Veronica placeholder model
  • Fixed a bug that reduces your camera charge below 0

10-08-2022 | v0.0.0.11

  • 2 new CGs
  • Walkthrough for Jr. Counselor Patrons and up
  • Secret side quest added
  • New outfit for Emma for Camp Counselors Patrons and up
  • Profiles added to journal
  • Easier to navigate map screen
  • Reduced reputation grind for social contacts
  • Optimized backgrounds to reduce loading
  • Additional backgrounds
  • Bugfixes

19-07-2022 | v0.0.0.10

  • Bugfixes
  • Small UI changes

15-07-2022 | v0.0.0.9

  • Added a developer button to photo journal to help restore missing photos
  • Black and white photo now has color

15-07-2022 | v0.0.0.8

  • Map bug fixed
  • Gallery features updated and streamlined

14-07-2022 | v0.0.0.7

  • Emma nude pin-un #1 added
  • Amber nude pin-up #1 added
  • Story continued
  • Replaced more placeholders
  • Mess background characters added
  • Combat mechanic introduced (beta)
  • New relationship and skill items
  • Pajamas for El Presidente
  • New hidden area added (Amber’s diary can now be found)
  • More shop background details
  • Clinic outside and inside graphics
  • Journal photo gallery
  • Main menu Gallery mode
  • Added consumable item to increase sneak skill.
  • Additional sound effects
  • 4 newly added OST songs
  • UI greatly overhauled
  • Bugfixes
  • Patreon rewards updated (WIP)
  • Discord channel made

09-06-2022 | v0.0.0.6

  • Swimsuits for background characters at the pool
  • Graphic for patrolling camp Counselor
  • Spy on shower scene (not finalized)
  • Bugfixes

03-06-2022 | v0.0.0.5

  • New side quest + Pin-up reward
  • Bugfixes

29-05-2022 | v0.0.0.4

  • Fixed game crash when using camera at camp center
  • Fixed minor hair bug

27-05-2022| v0.0.0.3

  • First Patreon build, version ( released
  • Main story introduced
  • 3 social contacts (Emma, Penelope, Amber) introduced
  • 5 CGs available
  • About 1 and a half hours of content (estimate).

Developer Notes:


  • 12 collectible CGs
  • Several hours of story
  • Art by the talented Potchi, Blacklight, Octomushroom and JeanArt
  • An original soundtrack

Future plans
The game is going to be quite the ambitious project with plans of adding many many more girls to interact with and a large variation in (optional) kinks and fetishes to choose from.

We’ve been working hard on trying to iron out as many bugs as possible. Though if you do end up coming across one, feel free to report it here and it will be fixed during the next update.

Game Screenshot:

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