Chess Game [v0.04] Janus Paradox Free Download

Janus Paradox Games released a new game called Chess Game and the version is 0.04. The game’s story is about In 2021, seemingly the most senseless crisis in the history of humanity occurred. It was preceded by many events and led to many consequences, such as the rapid development of artificial intelligence. On the other hand, this crisis overshadowed things that are more important to humans. Many conspiracy theories and speculations by ordinary people developed about why all of this was happening. However, the only way to discover the truth is to look at the bigger picture. You can find the real answer by examining the past, present, and future simultaneously, which is made possible by this game.

The story follows a character who is obsessed with chess and sees not only chess on the chessboard but also in life. He wonders who is moving the pieces in real life.​

Developer:Janus Paradox
File Size:3.83 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac


Now able too skip mini games and cut scenes

First release.

Game Screenshot:


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