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Creation of ebooks

I earn passive income through an online business based on ebook sales. I built this to generate passive income over the long term and share my knowledge on different subjects. You can also do it and get started quickly. Creating an ebook is a simple way to create content and easily sell it as a sales product. Creating your digital book is above all accessible to everyone. I wrote all of my books alone and I have all the information you need to write and sell your ebooks in different forms.

Your situation

Writing can be a passion, writing can be a hobby, writing can be a way to pass on your knowledge and skills. It is found in different forms. Indeed, writing is not only writing a book, it is also writing articles, updating content regularly. Of course writing in the form of a book is the most widespread. But these days, with all that the internet has to offer, there are many ways to create content online. We are going to deal mainly with the content that you will create in the books.

Today you have no writing work yet but you want to create a strategy of monetization by writing? Do you want to create a profitable internet business and are you thinking of writing? Today you are writing but you do not know how to monetize your writing? Perhaps you have already monetized part of your work but you are looking for other solutions?

We can start writing with the aim of monetizing our writings, we can already have writings and wonder how we can monetize them. It is entirely possible to monetize your written content online in different forms and through different monetization strategies. It is a profitable business that combines work, passion and income. Monetization strategies are basically about making money passively from written content. You can create your salary through your writings, through your books and thus obtain financial freedom.

The course

In this training I will show you how to create a profitable business from your writing. You will see how to start with the choice of your subjects, how to create content effectively and write your own books. It involves looking for information, it involves generating ideas and wanting to exchange knowledge. You will see how it is possible to create mass content through different processes. You will also see how to create a content plan from scratch. The goal is to give you the maximum of tracks to be able to write your books. You will then see the different models to earn money by writing, namely the sale of digital books on marketplaces, the direct sale of your books via a sales page, and the transformation of your writing for other media such as video training. I’m going to show you step by step how to publish your books in different marketplaces with a focus on Amazon Kindle. I will show you the importance of keywords, categories, description of your book, cover. I will also introduce tools like KDP Rocket to work on your keywords, or Canva to create your covers.

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to talk about their passions
  • People who want to create books
  • People who want to create profitable online business


  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Motivation

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