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Free Download Crisis Matters Alyna v1.7.5 For Android, Windows PC, macOS, & Linux in pre-installed game file direct link with latest updates. R1leyD4rk released the game on 30 August 2022 in the adventure franchise category. Now you can download this game’s latest version with all future updates.

Crisis Matters Alyna Game Information

Game Name:Crisis Matters Alyna
Publisher:Levi Ross
File Size:955.8 MB
Operating System:Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux
Content Rating:12+
File Format:ZIP & RAR
Last Update:2022-08-31
Game Languages:English (eng subtitle)

Crisis Matters Alyna Game Overview

Alyna is a 30-year-old woman, who had an ordinary life but despite everything she has not been able to succeed in life, this game focuses on her life choices in order to achieve her goals in any way possible.

She currently lives in a rented apartment that she pays with her wage earned by working in a mid-sized company owned by a harassing boss and with her best friend from her childhood. Also, Alyna has a long-time high school boyfriend called “Matt” who has been in a relationship with her for several years. How will this story unfold?

What’s new in Crisis Matters Alyna?

  • Switched to the old version of the game with all the choices and paths[1.0]
  • Added Bimbo path
  • Added more choices and events for two paths (Vanilla/Slut)
  • Added money system for future content
  • Added basic inventory system for future content
  • A remake of the stats system
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Fixed some dialogues
  • Fixed animations for the bimbo scenes with Matt

Developer Notes:

I hope to release an update every 2 weeks (minor changes), 1 month (mid), and 2 months (major release). I’m still a beginner developing games but I hope to release a good and interesting game. My goal is to keep learning, so all feedback will be helpful for the future of this game. Warning: The graphical interface of the Android version is disorganized and has not been tested at all. “Crisis matters: ALYNA” will be the first part of the story inside the world of “Crisis matters”.

Game Screenshot:

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