Crystal Reiki Healing-Certified Course

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In this course you are going to learn self activation, different unique most effective techniques that emphasize ethereal crystal energy in healing and alchemizing your life!

First let us talk about what we are going to do. You are motivated to learn and get ability to use crystals in healing yourself and others anytime, anywhere, for that you need certain process in which you will get something from higher dimensions, which will enable you to heal with ethereal energies and beyond that. You will be able to use ethereal energies even without having actual crystal physically with you. So if you are already into reiki and other form of energy healing this will be great addition in your healing practice. So all these structures can be developed by using crystals. In alchemy, crystal is a tool that amplifies the effects of influence, whether it’s reflecting the Holy Spirit, establishing new information organized by a higher principle and intelligence.

In energy work, Master Choa Kok Sui defines three essential features of crystals;

A. Condensator of subtle energy

B. Programmable

C. Chakra Activator

Crystal is also multidimensional portal and tool for healing and alchemizing. It is like microphone for singer, it expands and multiplies his/her influence and gives a new quality to it. So the goal is here to get into the state in which you will ask for your Guides to activate you so you can use ethereal crystal energy all the time.

Attunement would mean that you asked to take totally passive role and get certain attachment sort of link which enables you to use it every time you need. Unlike attunement, in activation you are invoking your Spirit guides, clear your field actively participate in preparing your field to be activated to get those energies. Attunements has to be refreshed, activations just has to be upgraded.

Train your energy body to reawake abilities that you already have! Gain first spiritual experience, get in contact with your Guides.

Who this course is for:

  • Energy healers, meditation practitioners and crystal lovers


  • No previous experience needed, just willingness to practice healing and meditation regularly after this!

Free Download Links

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