Unreal Engine – Customizable Paths (4.2x)

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File Name:Customizable Paths
Publisher:Levi Ross
File Size:1.2 GB
Content Source:https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/customizable-paths
Last Update:2022-08-26


This pack includes 58 material instances that help you start creating trails and paths for your game. These instances utilize a combination of the 15 provided texture sets that you can use to blend and customize for a unique nature or cobblestone path that fits into any of your environments. Every texture set is composed of three textures: a Base Color, Normal, and AORH. 6 of the 15 texture sets also include a Color Mask for further customization within the material instance.

Each material instance is there to showcase some of the different settings you can input for certain kinds of surfaces and blending styles, but keep in mind that more variations other than what is showcased is possible. These styles include variations of snow, gravel, grass, cobblestone, dirt, sand, and mud.

These textures can easily be integrated into your own custom landscape material. However, if you do not have landscape material, I have also provided one for you to start out with. While this pack’s primary focus is for use with splines, you can also use the included landscape material to paint simplified paths with these textures on the terrain itself.

The Blend Settings inputs within the instance are only visible on your mesh surfaces once you begin to vertex paint on them with the Color mode of Vertex Blending (Shift+2).

Note: An AORH texture is a composite of three different textures in one: Ambient Occlusion in the R channel, Roughness in the G channel, and Height in the B channel. This is to save you space.


  • 6 of the 15 texture sets include a ColorMask for up to 4 different color change options. These textures would be applied to the Texture Settings category of the Material Instance.
  • The other 9 textures are suitable for general, non-directional blending between the Texture Settings inputs. While these do not include a Color Mask, you can still change their primarily color for more accurate texture blending between your splines and terrain. These textures would be applied to the Blend Settings category of the Material Instance. These textures can also be used for generic painted paths with the terrain material.
  • Also included are 3 “Wetness” textures that allow you to override the Roughness textures found within the AORH maps. Just slide the “Roughness Intensity” setting to zero, and then increase the “Roughness Override Intensity” setting.
  • Two-way texture blending that lets you paint unique details onto any of your spline meshes. Please note that your mesh will have to be somewhat subdivided for more accurate painting. More notes about this are found in the Overview map.
  • The spline tessellation features allow you to get the most out of each texture – primarily the cobblestones – without sacrificing too much in performance. Included with this are optimization settings for the distance and multiplication (or subtraction) of tessellated polygons, all within the material instance.

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imfamous.CP.part1.rar – 995.0 MB
imfamous.CP.part2.rar – 265.5 MB

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