Digital Advertising And Marketing 201: Top Topic & Trends

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Are you a media professional or student who already has a baseline understanding of the space and are looking to expand to more advanced subjects? Then Digital Advertising & Marketing 201 is for you!

The follow up to my very popular course, Digital Advertising & Marketing 101, this course gives a more in depth explanation of the complex world of Digital Marketing. Using a combination of in person explanations as well as voiced over presentations and animations, I shed light on the processes that take place every day in order to deliver trillions of ads on billions of digital devices.

Topics Covered Are:

  1. Programmatic Advertising & Real Time Bidding (RTB): Programmatic buying and selling is an automated way of executing buys that used to be done by hand. I explain how this works, the companies involved, and what these terms mean.
  2. Waterfalls & Header Bidding: Ever wonder how ads actually are chosen to run in an app or on a website site? Are you a media publisher looking to put more strategy into your digital ad products? This section is for you.
  3. Mobile – SDKs & Consumer Trends: Time spent on mobile overtook desktop in 2016. Learn how mobile works, different products, and important trends.
  4. Verification/Bots/Fraud & Viewability: Worried about fraud when it comes to digital advertising? So are the pros. In this section I outline what kind of fraud exists, and how advertisers and tech companies are fighting back.
  5. Data Collection & Use (+DMPs): By now you know the importance of Data, but do you know what “data” actually is and how it’s collected and used? This section breaks it down and explains everything you need to know about advertising data.
  6. What The Future of Digital Advertising Looks Like: Nearly every day there is a new product, company, or trend affecting the advertising world. I cover a few high-level things you should be aware of that could result in major changes to our industry.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who took Digital Advertising & Marketing 101 and wants to learn the next level
  • Anyone in the digital advertising or media field who wants to learn more about advertising
  • Anyone looking to expand their knowledge of the digital advertising space
  • People who want to learn about programmatic advertsiing
  • People who want to learn about Header Bidding and its affect on publisher demand
  • Media professionals expanding their knowledge of digital media
  • Digital Marketing professionals looking to expand their knowledge of the advertising space


  • You should know the topics covered in Digital Advertising & Marketing 101
  • Topics covered in 101: Exchanges, DSPs, Ad Networks, Ad Agencies, Ad Servers, Types of digital ad units, buying models, IAB, MRC
  • A basic to intermediate understanding of digital marketing
  • Be able to differentiate between paid advertising, regular press, and word of mouth marketing

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