Drone Videography. How To Get The Most Out Of Drone Cameras.

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If your desire is mostly creative excellence, then you will find this is one of very few courses available anywhere that focuses on the creative aspects of drone videography. A camera mounted on a flying machine is a magical tool for storytelling. Let me show you how.

This course does not teach technical drone operations and flying techniques. Instead, it shows you how to use the drone as a camera platform. These are two very different disciplines.

I’m a storyteller and professional filmmaker with 35 years in TV production and YouTube, and I have like so many before me, had to come to grips with the ability to place a camera almost anywhere I want. But in this learning curve, I have realised that drones are far easier to fly than they are to operate as a flying camera. It’s so easy to get good shots. But to get a remarkable shots, isn’t. And to get shots useful in an edit environment, is even harder. Aerial footage has become commonplace, to the point of being ordinary. This is because the new generation of camera drones are remarkably easy to fly, and have opened exciting portals to creativity. But here is the challenge: Only by capturing remarkable footage can one’s creativity stand apart. And what’s more, two skills are required to get the most out of a drone camera: You need to be a good pilot, and videographer as well.

This course is for those that need help mostly with the second part. While we demonstrate these skills with consumer-oriented photographic drones, all these lessons apply with even the most advanced, heavy-lift machines.

Subjects in this course include:

  • Take full advantage when positioning a drone camera.
  • Plan shots before takeoff.
  • The vital key to success is the 10-second rule for abundant B-Roll. The biggest problem – solved.
  • Camera settings for best quality and continuity.
  • Constructing a sequence. It’s a camera. So treat it like one.
  • Consider the story. What are you trying to say, show or share?
  • Depth and perspective.
  • Speed to fly. When to track. When to pan. When to circle. When to just leave the camera still. The second biggest problem – solved.
  • Using the drone as an extremely tall tripod.
  • Using the drone as a low tripod. Just because it can go high, doesn’t mean it should.
  • Image composition principals are often overlooked, but remain the same.
  • Shooting scenics.
  • Building a sequence with multiple cameras and angles.
  • Ever thought about making the drone a character in the story?

I hope you will enjoy and learn much from spending this time with me. And if you want to leave a review, I have one request. Add reasons why you enjoyed, or did not enjoy the course. This is the only way students that follow you will learn from your experience. And the only way I can improve the courses I make.

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Thank you!


Who this course is for:

  • Both beginner and highly experienced drone pilots who want to learn more about it, and refine their skills.
  • If you are already flying and learning how great a drone can be for videography, this course has been developed especially for you.
  • Drone flyers who want to know how to shoot single-handed or with someone helping either fly, or shoot.


  • You will need a photographic drone and some experience in flying it. Any drone with a camera will do.
  • You should have a desire to not just ‘get footage,’ but tell stories, and create beautiful images using your drone camera.
  • You should have a desire to be better, like all good filmmakers should.

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