Due to My New Situation, I Have to Corrupt My Friend’s Harem! [v0.16] Warrior Novels Free Download

Warrior Novels Games released a new game called Due to My New Situation, I Have to Corrupt My Friend’s Harem! and the version is 0.16. The game’s story is about “Due to My New Situation, I Have to Corrupt My Friend’s Harem!” or “Friend’s Harem Corruption” to make it shorter. This is a story where the MC is often overshadowed by others in the world, being seen as a secondary character, except for his exceptional intellect. The MC befriends Naoki, a widely adored individual known for his charm.

Drawing upon his intellect, the MC assists Naoki in accomplishing something remarkable: capturing the hearts of specific girls and getting them engaged with him. However, one day, the appearance of a woman changes everything for both of them, damaging their relationship forever and ushering in a new chapter in their lives. Play as the MC and use different tools and abilities to corrupt Naoki’s harem!

Developer:Warrior Novels
File Size:394.3 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac



  • Story Changes: In the revised version, the introduction and nighttime interactions between the MC and Tokuko have undergone significant changes.
  • Ai Ending/Tokuko Introduction
  • Tokuko Introduction / Tokuko Night Interactions
  • New Status quo
  • Some special (little events) in the game (Tokuko).
  • Dialogue Refinements: A few minor adjustments have been made to the dialogue throughout the story (Ai).
  • v0.15 Hotfix is not required for Android users, it’s already solved there. If you choose not to download it, you can still select ‘Intervene’ to allocate points to Tokuko Boss, because it’s only a text mistake (no Game-Breaking bug). The upcoming version (v0.16) has already resolved this issue. Sorry for the inconveniences.


  • Story Changes: In the revised version, the introduction and night interactions between MC and Ema have been altered to exclude the involvement of MC’s father. Instead, MC takes on a more active role, revealing their intention to actively corrupt Ema. This simplifies the plot and allows MC to play a more prominent role in the story (Humilliate Ema at every opportunity). On the other hand, story introductions between MC and Ai remain largely unchanged, with only minor adjustments such as a brief introduction and an individual ending added to Ai’s story.
  • Ema Night Interactions: Mostly Humilliation Stuff + Handjob
  • Ai Night Interactions: Teasing + Blowjob <3
  • Special events for Ema and Ai (Morning): when they undergo the corruption process.
  • Dialogue Refinements: A few minor adjustments have been made to the dialogue throughout the story.

v0.13.5 (Rework)

  • Enhanced Prologue (New dialogue and renders to start the MC’S revenge. This prologue includes a “joke ending”.)The central theme in the prologue revolves around the MC’s yearning for transformation. The MC’s motivation for aiding Naoki stems from a genuine desire for an authentic friendship, untainted by deceit. As the story progresses, the MC becomes intrigued by Tokuko, sparking their interest. Naoki extends a helping hand to the MC in pursuing Tokuko, and driven by the MC’s aspiration for change, he accepts, determined to achieve his goals without resorting to deception.not to use deceivements to achieve his goals A bond appears to form between the MC and Tokuko, but an unforeseen event disrupts their connection. Caught in a moment of temptation, Naoki succumbs to its allure. Driven by a desire for revenge, the MC begins his journey. Simple, isn’t it? XD
  • Added Chiaki Night Interactions into the story! (Handjob and Nipple Licking Scenes)
  • System Overhauled: Departing from its sandbox origins, the game has embraced a semi-linear approach, aimed at enhancing the story’s pacing, cohesiveness, and impact.
  • Special Events: The MC now has the opportunity to interact with Chiaki at the Academy, with new dialogue options available based on the current stage of the story: While these special events may not directly impact the main narrative, they serve as meaningful moments to explore the evolving dynamics and growth of the girls throughout the story.
  • Stats (Progress Tracker): Keep track of remaining events for each character and the overall story!

Developer Notes:

Thank you so much for playing the game! A new version is available on my patreon!

Game Screenshot:


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