English Grammar For Kids: Basic Grammar Program

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They call it basic grammarbut if you have elementary school age children, then I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s not so basic when they’re trying to learn it, is it?

Well then this course is for you! Utilizing cool, colorful and engaging video animation, FUN Grammar 4Kids is the most simple, effective, and entertaining program for teaching children the fundamentals of English grammar and language arts.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
                                            -Benjamin Franklin                                     

Designed to engage both children and their parents in the learning process, the FUN Grammar 4Kids Complete Learning Program includes 14 video animation lessons, spanning 11 core English grammar subjects.

Each section contains concise, subject focused, informative videos that you and your child will refer back to, time and time again.

FUN Grammar 4Kids makes learning a fun experience for parents and children.

Course Outline and Lesson ContentLesson 1. Vowels, Diphthongs and Consonants

  • Including short and long vowel sounds; pronunciations; diphthongs- definition of; multiple diphthong examples; consonants; consonant sounds; and more.

Lesson 2 & 3. Nouns

  • Including common nouns; proper nouns; collective nouns; masculine and feminine nouns; possessive nouns; singular and plural nouns; and more.

Lesson 4. Pronouns

  • Including subject pronouns; object pronouns; possessive pronouns; intensive pronouns; reflexive pronouns; singular and plural forms; and more.

Lesson 5 & 6. Adjectives

  • Including adjectives of size, quality, and origin; comparative adjectives; superlative adjectives; adjective rules; irregular adjectives; and more.

Lesson 7. Adverbs

  • Including adverbs of purpose, frequency, direction, time, and amount; and more.

Lesson 8 & 9. Verbs

  • Including action verbs; main verbs; helping verbs; linking verbs; transitive and intransitive verbs; present, past, and future tenses; irregular verbs; and more.

Lesson 10. Conjunctions

  • Including common conjunctions; conjunctions of time; conjunctions of place; conjunctions of reason; conjunctions of purpose; and more.

Lesson 11. Sentences

  • Including simple, compound, and complete subjects and predicates; simple and compound sentences; declarative and interrogative sentences; imperative and exclamatory sentences; and more.

Lesson 12. Homophones

  • Including two/to/too; they’re/there/their; weather/whether; and more.

Lesson 13. Punctuations

  • Including periods; question marks; exclamation points; commas; colons and semicolons; apostrophes; hyphens; parentheses; and more.

Lesson 14. Capitalization

  • Including names; initials; titles; places; days of the week; months of the year; and more.

Also included is the FUN Grammar 4Kids Lesson Book containing all of the lesson material, information, examples, and narration taken directly from the videos, in sequential order, exactly as it is presented.

With over 70 pages of value packed content covering all 14 lessons and 11 subjects, the lesson book is an excellent learning resource that you and your child will use over and over again. It can be utilized electronically or printed out to make a hard copy textbook.

Included in the lesson book, at the end of each section, are grammar skills testing exercises for you and your child to work through together. Each exercise refers back to, and corresponds with, specific content from each lesson. It is an ideal way to measure your child’s progress as well as to identify subjects that may need additional concentration. The exercises are digitally coded so answers can be easily entered either electronically (ideal for mobile learning) directly from your keyboard, or printed out and filled in by hand.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is ideal for elementary school age children learning English grammar for the first time, or anyone wishing to improve their English grammar skills and comprehension.


  • A basic understanding of the English language.

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