EXTILE PLUS Non-repetitive tiling master materials and functions (4.24 – 4.27, 5.0)

In this post, I am sharing the easiest way to free download the EXTILE PLUS Non-repetitive tiling master materials and functions (4.24 – 4.27, 5.0) in Artstation Unity & Unreal Engine ZIP or RAR format file one-click direct link.

File Name:EXTILE PLUS Non-repetitive tiling master materials and functions
Publisher:Levi Ross
Version:4.24 – 4.27, 5.0
File Size:1.6 GB
Content Source:https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/extile-plus-non-repetitive-tiling-material
Last Update:2022-08-28


· EXTILE_PLUS_DISP (Displacement master)

· EXTILE_PLUS_POM (Parallax Occlusion master)

· EXTILE ORIGINAL_DISP ( Displacement of original Extile )

· EXTILE ORIGINAL_POM (Parallax Occlusion of original Extile)

· 7 X Unique Layered Material Masters examples using Material functions (Including organic breakup material for organic style textures like ground etc.)

· 33 X Special Materials (Special materials will be added in new versions using both existing and new functions created)

· 62X Material Instances

· 1 X Bake Texture Blueprint

· 67 X Material Functions including:

Geometric and organic randomization functions, random seed generator, procedural quick mask and splat mask generators, Z-up puddles, height based function, dirt function, grout texture calculation, UV pattern generators, world aligned functions, height based functions, various utilities and parameter functions including quadrant selection, world aligned functions and more.

Free Download Links

EXTILE_PLUS.part1.rar – 995.0 MB
EXTILE_PLUS.part2.rar – 711.9 MB

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