Fabulous Candle Making For All – Candler Level 1 Certified

In this post, I am sharing the easiest way to free download the Udemy Fabulous Candle Making For All – Candler Level 1 Certified in video format file direct link to the latest updates. Learn to make beautiful candles, soy candles, bees wax candles, candle kits, wicks, wax, colour, scented, new from old.

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Learn how to make beautiful candles at home with this Fabulous Candle Making For All – Candler  Level 1 Certified and Accredited Course.

Welcome to this fantastic course all about candle making, it is a labour of love for me to teach this subject as candles are part of my life, so empowering others to create something beautiful that they can really benefit from is great for me too.

You will learn how to work with different candle waxes, wicks, containers, fragrances, colours

You will learn how to make scented and coloured soy wax candles

You will learn how to work with bees wax and to make a beeswax candle

You will learn how to work with candle fragrances and even find some every day scents at home that you can use

You will go through the wonderful world of candle colouring with 5 different options and some every day items that you can use for it.

You will learn how to make new candles from old

You will learn how to re-purpose your candle containers and how to Bling up your candles.

Above all you will learn skills that will empower you, should you wish, to create candles for a business.

We hope you enjoy the course and there are easy to follow along instructional videos as well as downloadable materials so that you can make your own fabulous candles whenever you want

Kindest wishes

Who this course is for:

  • Those who would love to make their own candles.
  • Aromatherapy practitioners and lovers of essential oils.
  • Candle lovers !


  • If you want to make your own candles you will need to get some equipment but find out more in the course

Free Download Links

Fabulous_Candle_Making_For_All_Candler_Level_1_Certified.part1.rar – 995.0 MB
Fabulous_Candle_Making_For_All_Candler_Level_1_Certified.part2.rar – 995.0 MB
Fabulous_Candle_Making_For_All_Candler_Level_1_Certified.part3.rar – 995.0 MB
Fabulous_Candle_Making_For_All_Candler_Level_1_Certified.part4.rar – 995.0 MB
Fabulous_Candle_Making_For_All_Candler_Level_1_Certified.part5.rar – 995.0 MB
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