Facebook Ads – Creating An Effective Creative Strategy

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Facebook and Instagram Ads have greatly changed since the ios14/15 changes. Since these changes, most advertisers have been unaware of what else to do in order to get results using Facebook Ads. They have felt stuck. In the World of Digital Marketing, things are always changing so in order to keep succeeding it is important to change and adapt our strategy to what is working now. The old ways of doing Facebook Ads are long gone and there are now new strategies that are working that are backed by data. When it comes to Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads the most powerful lever we can pull to improve results is Creative (Creative is Images, Video, Copy, and Caption/Description used in your Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads). In this class, I share with you my effective creative strategy and tactics that have helped to strengthen the Facebook Ad results of my Clients.

In this class, I show you the following:-

– How to see the Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads of your competitors so you can get inspiration for your own ads.

– I show you how a creative tactic helps you understand how to communicate to your audience for better results

– I also show you a creative tactic to help direct you in knowing the types of interests to target.

– I share with you effective ways to write copy and headlines for your Facebook and Instagram Ads using free tools.

This class is for people of all levels. I ensure to break things down so the tactics and strategies can be easily understood.

I can’t wait to see you in the class. See you there! 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • This Is For Facebook Ad Users and Entrepreneurs of All Levels


  • They Will Need To Have Access To A Facebook Ads Manager

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