Fall In Love With Emptiness | Satsang With Shai Tubali

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Satsang is the ultimate spiritual practice, far more significant than any meditation. It essentially replaces the temples and cathedrals of the past, as it signifies the shift from external temples to the internal temple; a new human understanding that the eternal is not to be worshipped but to be silently known within oneself.

We need to learn how to meet ourselves. That is the service offered to us by enlightened beings. They became enlightened because they had been trained by others to meet themselves. Now they are here to function as a transparent gate through which we can pass to know our true self

There is no significant intellectual learning in Satsang. You don’t attend to be intellectually stimulated or to add new ideas to your already-overloaded mind. When you come to Satsang, you remove the clothes of the intellect, emotion and sensation which artificially cover your bare, pure being. It is a direct, unmediated meeting with yourself.

In everyday life we tend to have our attention scattered in all directions. In Satsang, we learn to gather the power of our awareness again, and to see what happens when we no longer focus it on objects, but inward.

Satsangs are an invitation to open your heart through silence and to explore and realize your true self. In Satsang we shed the garments of the mind to allow a direct encounter with our innermost nature.

Satsang is a direct recognition that one cannot worship the eternal religiously, but can quietly recognize it within oneself.

In Satsang, no concepts are taught. Instead, we open our hearts in deep silence, begin to come into contact with our pure, true being. We remove the clothes of concepts and fixed ideas about the reality of things. Instead, it is about direct, unmediated meeting with yourself.

The invitation of Satsang, is to come home again: to step out of the stream of time, past and future and see who we are without it. To discover who we are once we leave the seemingly endless stream of time, past and future.

To remember.

To discover the source within us.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to discover the source within us.


  • No prerequisite knowledge needed

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