Footprints of Yuusha [Final] H&Stock Free Download

H&Stock Games released a new game called Footprints of Yuusha and the version is Final. The game’s story is about A week of spring break when my parents went out. A retro video game that started casually. But something is wrong. There are no residents in the game world? At that time, what suddenly appeared in front of me was… She was the princess of some country. The game and the real world that have been connected. A short and long week with the princesses begins.

File Size:559.5 MB

Developer Notes:

“Exploration-type adventure RPG around the game x real world” presented by H & Stock

  • The story unfolds by traveling between the game world and the real world.
  • Real world: You can explore the daily life with the princesses and the town.
  • Game: It is a standard RPG that operates the player and progresses while defeating monsters.
  • A princess, a maid, and several female characters!
  • More than 70 H events!
  • dress-up system
  • “Various costumes are prepared for the princess and the maid.”
  • “You can change clothes at any time!”
  • You can always browse past galleries (illustrations) and flashbacks (H-scenes) by returning to your room!
  • “Whether in the game or in the real world, important tasks are always automatically memorized.”
  • Sharing between saves
  • “Clothes, galleries, and H-scenes are shared between saves!”
  • “It is possible to collect even if it is not the same save data.”

Game Screenshot:


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