Fundamentals of Cinematography: The Art of Visual Storytelling

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Making cinema is not only shooting pretty pictures. Behind every shot there should be a purpose that lets you impact your audience emotionally. In this course we will explore the basic tools of cinematography, so you can use them to tell the story.

I’m Piotr Złotorowicz, and I’m a filmmaker with 18 years of experience. This class is for anyone who is starting out as a Director of Photography, or has done a few of films. In either case, this course will enhance your understanding of the creative process that a DOP goes through before shooting a film.

In this power packed course I want to quickly explain the most proficient tools of cinematography, like Light, Camera movement, Composition and Color. These 4 elements will determine the style of your film. This class teaches you how to use these tools to make modern, cinematic, and story-driven character movies that engage viewers both visually and emotionally.

This 30-minutes, easy to follow course includes:

  1. The importance of preproduction
  2. How to find a perfect composition for the scene
  3. Focus the audience attention with your lighting
  4. Energetic camera vs. Focused camera
  5. How to use color to create visual metaphors

By the end of this course, you will understand the scope of DOP’s tools. You’ll have the knowledge to visually tell captivating stories.

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