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Free Download Her Heart’s Desire A Landlord Epic v0.24 For Android, Windows PC, macOS, & Linux in a pre-installed game file direct link to the latest updates. Big Chungus Productions released the game on 05 September 2022 in the adventure franchise category. Now you can download this game’s latest version with all future updates.

Game Information

Game Name:Her Heart’s Desire A Landlord Epic
File Name:Herheartsdesire-v0.24-pc.zip
Developer:Big Chungus Productions
Publisher:Levi Ross
File Size:2.17 GB
Operating System:Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux
Content Rating:12+
File Format:ZIP & RAR
Last Update:2022-11-17
Game Languages:English (eng subtitle)

Her Heart’s Desire A Landlord Epic Game Overview

A struggling writer, you just managed to sell a book for enough money to afford a house. Life in the suburbs promised to be everything you dreamed of in the city: more space, quieter, and maybe without roommates, it was time to kick start your love life. At forty-three, you weren’t getting any younger.

Everything changed when a young college student responded to your advertisement to sublet one of the open bedrooms. She was blonde, eighteen, and as you quickly discovered, had a secret desire.

As her landlord, you have time and feel obligated to help her pursue her fantasies, however depraved they might be. After all, when you thought about kick-starting your love life again, you never imagined it could be so fulfilling.​

What’s new in v0.22?


  • Day 6 evening, again with Lily, and depending on love scores, you might get the first ending, with Lily. There’s a special animated scene with more customization than usual, and more animations than most scenes.
  • Day 7 morning…there are branches here, and depending on love scores, attention you’ve given to one house guest or another, you might land on the Rose Ending, also included in this update.
  • Day 7 morning…maybe you’ve had your eyes on not one, or two, but ALL the house guests. I’d be lying if I said this was not my favorite option. For this path, you’ll get a new scene in the morning, where both Lily and Rose help MC get to the finish, as only two house guests can. Lots of animation in this one, though only on act with all three.
  • Story, continued same sound effects as before (have spent a limited amount of time into understanding how I could make these even better, which I’d like to do, probably in the update or two).
  • 36 static images, 3 fully animated scenes, all of which are in the reply gallery. Two of the 3 scenes are the endings with the two love interests, Rose & Lily.
  • Updated Sept 10th with new Ren’py code to help with image lag, stutter, and performance; hopefully that’s a big improvement…and a bonus sneak peak of the harem ending with all three love interests, another fully animated scene with ~8 animations, also in the replay gallery.
  • In total then, this update has *four* new scenes in the Replay feature, the most I think I’ve ever added in a single update, since this was largely focused on animations, not more static content.


Day 6 lunch, starts with the end of the cafe scene; The update is around Lily and MC, with many heartfelt conversations between MC, Dee, Rose, and Lily.

At the end of the update depending on choices will be a new fully animated scene with Lily & MC in the same hotel as Dee + MC were in previously (her request in-game). From there, I’ve got hints about what happens in the next two updates.

  • 127 new full HD renders
  • Lily & MC animated scene added to the gallery
  • 279 frames of animation (more than 10 animations in-game)
  • Updated Sept 10th with new Ren’py code to help with image lag, stutter, and performance; hopefully, that’s a big improvement.

v0.22 fixed:

Happy Friday, .22, .23, and .24 updated with memory management

I think the performance issues have gone away, the game took a little blue pill, and poof! Everything works. Nah, what happened was I added the Ren’py feature to limit game RAM to ~256 megabytes, which is more than enough for any given scene to fully load in memory & more, while at the same time, not trying to take all the RAM that the game could take from the system. Get the updated links in the various posts here, or from Itch, etc. Have a good one, and do lemme know after you give it a go, how it goes 😉 Cheers, Brosef Chungus

For the .22 version, we resume the story with Dee and MC at the hotel. I’ve also gone back and fixed some continuity things, nickname issues, and other stuff earlier in the game to clean up everything and get it ready for the various endings.

Scenes and other details:

  • Day 5 night; MC and Daisy wake up, anal scene;
  • – otherwise simple animation while she finishes herself,
  • Day 6 morning, serious discussion with Daisy; impacts various endings;
  • Day 6 breakfast at Fat Burger with all the tenants;
  • During the breakfast, Jen is there! What a surprise
  • In the optional scene with Jen, two climax options
  • Two new fully animated scenes (Daisy + MC, MC + Jen) are in the reply feature, with more than twenty animations in total.
  • Thousands of words of text, and the most content in terms of story in any update this year so far :) I’m pretty proud of this one.
  • Updated June 25th with some story improvements, minor script rewrites

Game Screenshot:

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