Introduction To Orbital Mechanics For Engineering Students

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This course covers material typically found in the first half of a university-level Orbital Mechanics or Astrodynamics course.  You’ll learn all the fundamentals of elliptical orbits.  We’ll go through and derive equations like the trajectory equation, Kepler’s equation and more. 

Once you finish this course you’ll be able to determine the position and velocity of orbiting bodies, understand the 6 orbital elements, apply Newton’s root-finding method to Kepler’s equation and much more!

Topics we’ll cover

  • Relative 2-body equation
  • Angular momentum
  • Polar coordinates and energy
  • Trajectory equation
  • Elliptical orbits
  • Kepler’s laws
  • Kepler’s equation
  • Newton’s root finding method
  • Orbital elements
  • Conversion from position and velocity vectors to orbital elements
  • Conversion from orbital elements to position and velocity vectors

Who this course is for:

  • Students interested in learning the basics of orbital mechanics
  • Engineering students needing tutorials on orbital mechanics


  • Calculus
  • Cross and Dot Products
  • Algebra
  • Knowledge of basic physics concepts like acceleration, velocity, force

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Introduction_to_Orbital_Mechanics_for_Engineering_Students.part2.rar – 632.7 MB

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