Isekai Awakening [v1.54.5] Jackie Boy Free Download

Jackie Boy Games released a new game called Isekai Awakening and the version is 1.54.5. The game’s story is about You playing the role of a young man summoned by the SEX MAIDEN to enslave all the females in the town and, fight against the EVIL MAIDEN, bring her to the knees, and become the new King!​

Developer:Jackie Boy
File Size:243.0 MB
OS:Windows, Android



  • Unlocked Mage’s location
  • Added 3 new map for Map(Exterior/Groundfloor/1st floor)
  • Added Sleeping and Idle animation for Mage
  • Added a crystal cards remembering minigame for the mage
  • 3 levels of difficulty.
  • Added a tutorial how to play the crystal cards remembering minigame
  • Added Status window and Basic event setup for the Mage
  • Added a new CG Hana+Lucie
  • Hana can now reset her virginity with powers of the elf Lucie
  • Added text for Rika+Hana event
  • Added 4 sound effects for shooter minigame(Randomized when being hit)
  • Added a new Skill “Hypnotic music” in skill tree and in UI as well
  • Fixed the Player’s portrait a bit(Erased the left ear)
  • Music minigame is not implemented yet but is there in the game(hidden but can be accessed)
  • Bugfixes and updated the Top Supporters Patreon list.


  • Added Strip Game with Princess Olivia
  • Added 72 Frames for animation of Strip Game(Animation when each cloth piece is taken off)
  • Olivia’s Design was Changed
  • Added 6 Bust Images for Olivia for Strip Game(Part of strip game)
  • Added 2 new Sprites for Player Shirt off and Naked
  • Added a new Item Bakers Shop Key
  • Added a new event in Bakery at afternoon(Sleeping pills event)
  • Sleeping Pills event lead to 3 CGs
  • Taking off Mio’s cloth when she’s sleeping
  • Handjob Animation with Mio
  • Blowjob animation with Mio
  • (58 new animation images were Added for Mio)
  • For Minigame with Rei and Haruka their difficulty levels have been Increased
  • Leveling up player increases strength and reduces that difficulty


  • Added X-ray Vision for All castle Characters and Haruka
  • Added a new Text window to all the conversations to know which character is speaking
  • Added a new Minigame mechanics (clicker which would in future be used to trigger extra scenes and relationships as the newer minigames will be short)
  • Added all sprites for Armwrestling with Haruka
  • Added all sprites for Playing Mercy with Rei
  • Basic setup of minigame and programming for it
  • Added Base conversation and intro for all castle characters
  • Locked Characters room when they are naked(Sleeping or Bathing)
  • Added new status window for Maki

Developer Notes:

Contents Featured in the Game / Upcoming versions

  • 12 Main Romanceable Characters
  • Sex Skill Tree, Level up, Improve Player Stats, Keep a check on Female Progress.
  • Drug female characters, Night events, Minigames, Pregnancy, Slave Content
  • Multiple ways to improve relationships

Game Screenshot:


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