Killigan’s Treasure [v0.42] Eddio Free Download

Eddio Games released a new game called Killigan’s Treasure and the version is 0.42. The game’s story is about Set in the land of Canavar, you play as a bull-like barbarian named Killigan Stoneworth, determined to follow an enchanted treasure map throughout the world. He meets several companions along the way that join him in his quest for unimaginable riches, and who can become more than companions if you wish.

Killigan’s Treasure follows an overarching plot at heart, but you CAN choose to pursue a relationship with certain companions (All relationships are currently M/M). Each of them has their own backstory and events that tie back into the overarching plot, so you don’t miss out on any story-critical information just for pining after a boyfriend.

File Size:559.3 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android



  • Hey y’all!
  • Still slightly on the shorter side, but this build finally caps off Day 5 of Spiceport! Additionally, there’s a new area that’s now possible to visit on the map, from last month’s content. You’ll have to load up an earlier save to access it, but I wonder who could be waiting there…?
  • Also, thanks so much for all the hype and support y’all have shown for Sex Drive so far! We’re super excited to get a demo in player hands as soon as possible, but it’s gonna be just a liiiittle bit longer. Stay tuned for more info!
  • Anyway, hope y’all enjoy this month’s build!

Hey y’all!
Hefty-sized update this time, featuring lots to explore with companions now that brunch is done and bellies are filled! There may also be something I’ll do in a week or two, to gauge interest for a certain kind of merchandise…stay tuned! Hope y’all enjoy!

Game Screenshot:


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