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Beepbopdubi Games released a new game called Learn The Heart and the version is 0.3.1. The game’s story is about You traveling back home after quitting your stressful job. One of your neighbors visits you and it turns to be your childhood friend.​

File Size:35.1 MB
OS:Windows, Android


v0.2.4 Changelog

  • Added a phone UI
  • Check out photos you’ve taken during dates.
  • Check out the achievements you’ve earned.
  • Moved the dev notes to the Phone UI, including the cheats.
  • Moved the partner tab in the Phone UI and renamed it to contacts.
  • Improved the tutorial
  • Date UI reworked
  • Removed date limit icons
  • Replaced the date meter
  • Moving near the partner now only shows dialogue button and follow button
  • Upon clicking the dialogue button, you will be given choices on how you interact with them
  • There are still limits on how much you interact, and the partner will trigger a dialogue when the limit is reached
  • Hearts spawn when the partner has a good or bad interaction
  • When a date meter is not full and you haven’t moved to another location yet, it will trigger a choice of whether you want to end the date immediately or not
  • Added new date mechanic: Photo mode
  • Take pictures without restrictions
  • Player and Partner can be moved by clicking and holding in any direction.
  • Player and Partner can changed its poses and can be flipped
  • Camera can be zoomed and moved using movement controls and has mobile movement support.
  • Photos taken that are kept will be seen in the Photos menu on the phone
  • Can only take photo once every location
  • Photos are shared throughout all save files
  • Adds date points
  • Added number beside the choices and a key-bind with it.
  • A lot of sprites have been improved and changed because the main character now has a mouth.
  • Added a seal in the beach side
  • Added a dog right beside the ice cream trolley
  • Reworked positions:
  • Sherryl Main beach pos 3 (Also added a perspective)
  • Mary Livingroom pos 2 (Also added a perspective)
  • Eul Livingroom pos 2 (Also added a perspective)
  • Caroline Bathroom pos 1 (Also added a perspective)
  • Mary Bedroom pos 4
  • Sherryl Main beach pos 3
  • Added 1 new achievement
  • Added a notification when clicking the joystick button
  • Moved Mary and Eul Library position 1 to the unused button in Gallery (Players are confused why they can’t unlock the library scene because they don’t read patch notes.)
  • Replaced the transfer button from image to text
  • Updated the credit page
  • Fixed the date interaction able to proceed the interaction by just clicking it

v0.2.2 Changelog

  • Added new h-mode feature Perspective Currently added:
  • Mary Bedroom pos 1
  • Eul Gen. Store pos 1
  • Caroline Bedroom pos 1
  • Sherryl Main Beach pos 2
  • Caitlyn Main Park pos 1
  • Sylvia Side Beach pos 1
  • Added an Achievement System
  • Added dialogues when staring the h-mode and h-intimacy
  • Added 1 new pos for Sylvia bedroom
  • Added a dialogue when asking a for a date that is not in the morning
  • Added notification when opening the Achievements
  • Partners now act shy when called to come over only in the house
  • Partners can no longer come to the house if their stories are not finished
  • Improved the look of the Location Mall
  • Improved the look of the Gen. Store minigame
  • Improved the look of the Date Swing minigame
  • All minigames now opens the tutorial by default
  • Cheats are disabled by default until activated
  • Inputting the wrong command and not inputting right command within the time limit in swing minigame now deducts points
  • Reload slider in shadow shooter minigame now turns to color black if failed to do a quick reload
  • Updated the credit page
  • Changed switching speed in h-scene from 5 – 7 seconds to 3 – 5 seconds
  • Changed the lines when the partner ask the speed in h-scene
  • Camera now moves instantaneously instead of moving smoothly towards the character
  • After the date interaction animation is finished, the camera moves smoothly, then slowly reverts back to instant
  • Fixed a bug not able to play shadow shooter minigame after playing the swing minigame

I recommend reading my new devlog if you want a detail explanation on the new update
v0.2.1 EA Changelog

• Added new h-mode option: Immerse
• Added new location: Mall
• Added new Dating minigame: ShadowShooter
• Added sex sounds to scenes
• Added 1 new consumble Item: Vigor Pill
• Added 4 new positions
– Sylvia Arcade
– Caitlyn Arcade
– Sylvia Park
– 3p Bathroom
• Changed switching speed to 2 – 5 seconds to 5 – 7 seconds
• Mysterious person no longer sells, bracelet, ring and necklace

Developer Notes:

  • Current features implemented as of right now
  • Date with your partner
  • Play minigames
  • Give gifts to your partner
  • 6 Locations
  • Total of 59 positions (some positions are patreon only)
  • H-mode includes :
  • Speed, Climax, Xray, Camera adjustments, Male Transparency Slide, Intimacy
  • Feel free to support me on my Patreon
  • Patrons Benefits
  • Access to Polls
  • Patreon version of the game which unlocks:
  • All Positions
  • Cheats

Game Screenshot:


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