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Impious Monk Games released a new game called Leaving DNA and the version is EpisodeTwo. The game’s story is about A criminal prosecutor’s commitment to the justice system is challenged when a cold case murder investigation leads to his father’s military special forces unit. Assistant District Attorney Rockford is an idealistic, well-respected prosecutor dedicated to the principles of the American criminal justice system. But while enjoying tremendous professional success, the thing he wants more than anything has always been just out of his reach–a family. His mother died when he was very young and he never met his father, an elite special forces soldier. And his romantic entanglements, though plentiful, have always ended with his partner frustrated by his paradoxical aversion to intimacy.

But Rockford’s life is about to be upended: a cryptic clue in a cold-case murder will set him on a search to discover his father’s fate. And learning the truth will push the prosecutor to question his dedication to the rule of law and to reconsider the meaning of family. Rockford’s search will bring him closer to four beautiful women: a tenacious homicide detective with whom Rockford has a romantic past; a brilliant prosecutorial colleague and childhood friend; a steely ex-military combat instructor with her own notions about the justice system; and a sweethearted schoolteacher whose past and future will link up with Rockford’s to change both their lives forever.

Developer:Impious Monk
File Size:4.51 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android


Episode Two – July 16, 2023

  • 3+ hours of total new content
  • 2,536 story renders
  • Four unlockable bonus renders
  • 15 lewd animations
  • 28,660 words of dialogue
  • Two story lewd scenes
  • One unlockable bonus lewd scene
  • 35 story choices
  • 19 music tracks
  • Walkthrough PDF

Developer Notes:

Adult Content:

**NO NTR**

The emphasis of LDNA is plot supported by dialogue and character development. Sex, while thematic and a big part of the game, is not the primary driving force here. This is a not a fetish-focused game. If you come looking for a particular fetish you will be disappointed, as the sex, although erotic, will be relatively vanilla.

All romantic/sexual contact is optional. You will have a relationship with each of the women, but whether that relationship is platonic or romantic will be up to you. You can only end up with one woman–no harem or throuple options.

This story deals with serious and disturbing content like murder, rape survival, and the effects of child abuse. These topics are not fetishized and I have tried to treat them with the respect they deserve. But as this content is essential to the story, some players may be better off skipping LDNA.

Game Mechanics:

is built using simple Ren’py code and Daz3d. It is a pure Ren’py visual novel. There will be no sandbox, free roam, or management mechanics. However, there will be a variety of possible endings. Your choices will significantly impact the plot and unlock content specific to the paths you choose.

Game Screenshot:


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