Lewd Delivery [Final] Eromantis Free Download

Eromantis Games released a new game called Lewd Delivery and the version is Final. The game’s story is about Lewd Delivery is a small novel about a guy who works as a food delivery driver. One Friday night, when he delivers his last order, his client turns out to be a rich woman named Mrs. Jones who apparently needs some help with her broken kitchen faucet. After helping her, she invites him to stay a little longer to eat with her, that way she could thank him for everything. Surely our hero agrees, and from this point his best weekend begins. Enjoy a story full of romance and relaxing atmosphere! Find out what kind of person she is and maybe it could turn into something serious…​

File Size:467.4 MB

Developer Notes:

Have fun and please check my Patreon page. I’m working on my next game – “Village Slut Transformation”

Game Screenshot:


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