Lifeform: Zero [Demo] By Jhaokai Wu Free Download

Bhy Jhaokai Wu Games released a new game called Demo and the version is Demo. The game’s story is about A small meteorite has fallen to Earth. The meteor is an egg from the other side of the universe. The state classifies the existence of the egg as a possible hazard, and has taken it to the state secret SCR center. The player plays the role of a condemned prisoner. By becoming a member of the SCR staff in exchange for a chance to be pardoned for the death penalty. And the job is to help the organization’s research and cultivation of the egg … But who would have thought that this is the beginning of all the sinking and destruction.​

Developer:Bhy Jhaokai Wu
File Size:3.00 GB


Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Game Overview This game is a game of raising a cosmic palace. Players can click to know the status of the cosmic palace. The game is a game of raising a cosmic watchtower. With the number of days in the game, these values will be decreasing, if the value is low to a degree will lead to a bad end. So the player needs to choose feeding, cleaning, interaction and other options to improve these needs. When the player gradually pull up the good feeling, will advance the story plot and unlock the game’s erotic mechanism.

Game Screenshot:


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