Making a Splash! Photographing Drinks in Motion

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A great way to add drama and delight to your work is by incorporating splash photos. Join me in this class as I share my best tips and tricks for creating and freezing action.

In this class I’ll cover:

  • Camera Settings for sharp, effective images
  • Natural and Artificial Lighting setups for maximum sparkle
  • Styling and Composition walkthrough
  • Best Shooting Technique for success
  • Editing in Lightroom for final polish and to reduce any noise
  • Tips and Tricks along the way

By the end of this class you’ll be able to confidently create a spectacular splash photo of your own. You’ll have a straightforward method for selecting and setting your camera’s aperture and I hope you’ll be buzzy with ideas to explore! This class was so much fun to create and I’m really excited to see how you incorporate this theme into your own work. Thanks so much for watching!

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