Master of the House [v1.4] Qui3tDog Free Download

Qui3tDog Games released a new game called Master of the House and the version is 1.4. The game’s story is about Master of the House is an 18+ game that features pixel-art animations and the rescue of four maids. The game is a unit-placement game, where players drop monsters into lanes in an attempt to defeat enemies and eventually rescue the maids from certain peril. After each turn, the player can spend their experience to level up their units.​

File Size:43.87 MB
OS:Windows, Android


• Master of the house – 15k download update v1.4
• The new update adds several bug fixes and QoL features to better convey the flow of the game. It also overhauls the art, making it more in line with The Master’s Journey, my next project!

Developer Notes:

• Four unique unit-placement puzzles
• Four maids to save from captivity
• Four “special” scenes for completing each rescue efficiently!

•Is the game finished?
–The game is in a fully playable state. Not many additions are planned.
•Will the game be ported to Mac/IOS?
–No, unfortunately I do not have the bandwidth to port and test for that platform.
•Patreon? Commissions?
–Nope! I do this for free. You can follow me here, on twitter @Quietdog13, or on Reddit at u/qui3tdog. Donations are welcome, but not needed!

Known Bugs:
Unsupported versions of Windows display the game at 1×1.
• Pulling an enemy offscreen in the third stage has reportedly caused issues, but I have been unable to reproduce the issue in a natural playthrough.
Mashing through special scenes can occasionally cause the lights to flicker.

Game Screenshot:


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