Master Time Management – Tips For Efficiency & Productivity

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The course is full of practical tools to help anyone/professional, at any stage of the career to accelerate the productivity. I have learnt a lot in the programme.” – Gcinashe M.

“Time management and working in teams was always hard for me but once I started managing my time and breaking bad excuse habits I started covering more work than expected and working in a team has proven to submit efficient work” – Linda T.

I found this course insightful as I struggle with finding time due to the nature of my work. The “Power of 10” concept is something that I will be applying!” – Cameron C.

Mind altering course! Can safely say that I will use the power of 10 minutes and “I will” more often to add value and to get things done.” – Sumayyah S.

“Yes, this is exactly what I needed and it’s a fresh point of view as opposed to some time management videos I’ve seen.” – Sabrina R.

Very inspiring course. It was very short, but that was actually beneficial for me. The addition of some practical exercises or examples as to how to overcome these limitations you address would be useful. The additional resources appear to be repeats of the course content, but were still very interesting. Really allowed me to view time management from a very different perspective.” – Xanthe R.

I feel energized and ready to conquer everything and anything” – Tshepiso

“I have learned some tools on how to prioritize my time and to use it more efficiently to attain my goals” – Butana

I love this course” – Abdurrahman, “Peter is so good and well articulated and straightforward” – Nyede

This course will transform the way you think about your time and how you use it to get things done in your life. As the world has learnt to work from home, our work / life boundaries have blurred and increased our need for better time management. Whether you are tackling significant life goals or daily tasks there are principles and practices for everyone. Based on my own busy life of having 5 children, writing a best selling book and doing a PhD, I provide you with the insights that have helped me the most;

  • An ambitious goal requires you to cut off your own escape routes
  • Conquer the “Plan B mindset” and then you have no choice but to succeed
  • How to single-mindedly focus on delivering what you have promised
  • Commit to simple and personal statements of intent to lift your ambitions
  • Overcome enormous personal setbacks with the power of “I Will”
  • Unlock the power of shared accountability in teams and organisations
  • Create hours of quality time from well used bursts of 10 minutes
  • Get organised by investing in future batches of short bursts of productivity
  • Be the kind of person that make things happen
  • A constant filter on our leadership behaviours that balances progress with direction
  • Pursue good enough completion rather than unfinished perfection
  • The art of getting things done is quite simple when you break tasks down into actions

Move beyond the boundaries of time in how you maximise your 24 hours to achieve exponentially more than anyone else.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to get more done


  • There are no course requirements

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