Masterclass: Blockchain Fundamentals

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Blockchain is a trillion-dollar opportunity. But most people still have no idea what blockchain is. Not understanding this technology creates disadvantages for students, employees, management, and investors. They risk being excluded from new innovations and new business opportunities.

This 1-hour non-technical course will give you an excellent understanding of what blockchain is and what it is not. You will get a solid understanding of blockchain vs the internet; what are digital assets including NFTs, CBDCs, Cryptocurrencies, and Stablecoins; what are the Killer Apps emerging from Blockchain technology; tokenization, distributed ledgers, smart contracts, wallets, and other foundational information. 

This Masterclass is taught by the Chief Technology Officer of a publicly traded blockchain technology company who has built a variety of blockchain technologies including crypto payments, supply chain traceability, verifiable credentials, identity, health care, and other blockchain use cases.

Blockchain is one of the leading emerging technologies available today. Blockchain is the technology that is used to create Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies; NFTs and Metaverse; Digital Identity; Supply Chain traceability; Financial and Banking services; Cross Border payments and a variety of other use cases in multiple industries.

By understanding this fast-emerging technology you will be preparing yourself to a variety of opportunities today and in the future. This Blockchain Masterclass will teach you the skills you need to enhance your career, analyze and understand business opportunities, make critical business decisions that involve this technology.

What’s best about this course is that you don’t need to have any technical background to understand this course. It’s designed for non-technical individuals. If you are a student, a professional, an executive, and entrepreneur or investor the course is perfect for you. If you are a Web2 developer wanting to transition to Web3 then this is the place to start that transition. Within a few minutes you will have a full understanding of the blockchain technology and how you can use it to better your career and business opportunities.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who need to prepare for what future technologies they need to understand to have the best career opportunities.
  • Business professionals that want to advance their careers
  • Investors that need to understand Blockchain, Metaverse, NFTs and other related technologies to make the best investment decisions.
  • Corporate executives that need to make informed decisions about the direction their business need to take.


  • No technical knowledge needed. This is a non-technical course.

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