Miraculous Stories: EP1 [v0.4] ValeGor Free Download

Miraculous Stories: EP1 ValeGor

ValeGor Games released a new game called Miraculous Stories: EP1 and the version is 0.4. The game’s story is about Everyone who knows this team of superheroes. But what if one of them gets akumatized by a villain and now they must fight each other?​

File Size:256.0 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Android


v0.4 release:

  • Continuation of the story;
  • Minor bugfixes:

v0.2 release:

  • Continuation of the story;
  • Minor bugfixes:

v0.1 release

Developer Notes:

Kifflom! It’s Valegor. I am a “Miraculous Stories” developer and would like to share the story behind the creation of this project. I have been playing adult games for a long time ( I played in parody games mostly ). Star Wars, Naruto, Akabur’s games – I’ve played a lot. But one day I wanted to play in game about Ladybug. To my regret, I did not find a game that met my expectations. So I decided to try to make such a game with my own hands. I am not a programmer, not a translator, I can hardly call myself an artist. But after half a year of development, I was able to release something intersting. I hope that you will play my first novel and support my undertakings. Kifflom!

Game Screenshot:


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