Monochromatic Watercolor Painting – One Color Is Enough!

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In this class you really don’t need to worry about your watercolor set being too small, because what we are going to talk about today is the Monochrome or Monochromatic way of painting, which means that you only use once color for the whole artwork. But I believe you will not get bored using just one color, as you will explore a ton of color values you can get experimenting with the paint to water ratio.

Painting with only one color is a wonderful exercise. I speak from my own experience when I say that sometimes we think we need the biggest color selection, otherwise we are not able to create the best art.

But the truth is that the wide choice can sometimes be quite overwhelming, and it can be helpful to stop trying to use many different colors in one artwork, but rather take the time to explore them one by one.

And monochromatic painting is a very good and fun way to do it.

This class is beginners friendly, we are going to talk about the limited color palette and monochromatic way of painting can improve your art, we will create helpful Color Value Charts that would allow us to explore the potential of a single color.

And then we’ll choose the colors of our choice to paint 3 different paintings, each one of them using just one color.

As a Class Project, there are 3 paintings you can paint with me. There is a bunch of elegant indigo flowers, mysterious foggy forest painted in emerald green, and nostalgic silhouette of an old European city (it’s probably Venice, but not sure 🙂 ) in Sepia color.

Some of the parts of the videos are sped up a bit, but you can definitely slow it back down in the video settings.

Regarding the materials I use for the exercise and projects, the list is below:

Paper: Aquafine Watercolor Paper for exercise, Canson Heritage Cold and Hot Press for Projects

Paints: Watercolor paints White Nights (Sepia, Indigo, Emerald Green)

Brushes: various mop brushes (Daynaiw size 2, Borrence size 0), round brush size 6, liner brushes DaVinci Basic 0, Daler Rowney Liner 10/0

Other supplies:

pencil, eraser, masking tape, hardboard, paper towel, jar of water

Who this course is for:

  • Watercolor enthusiasts who would like to explore the potential painting with a single color


  • No skills required

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