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Free Download Monstergirl Campus v1.20 MTL For Windows PC in pre-installed game file direct link with latest updates. Shinjuku Discipline Center released the game on 12 June 2022 in the adventure franchise category. Now you can download this game’s latest version with all future updates.

Monstergirl Campus Game Information

Game Name:Monstergirl Campus
File Name:Monstergirl_Campus_v1.20.7z
Version:1.20 MTL
Developer:Shinjuku Discipline Center
Publisher:Levi Ross
File Size:338.9 MB
Operating System:Windows
Content Rating:12+
File Format:ZIP & RAR
Last Update:2022-09-07
Game Languages:English (eng subtitle)

Monstergirl Campus Game Overview

The third installment in the adult entertainment management series is a naughty, naughty school life!

A full-fledged management SLG with various elements! If it were a normal school for humans, the goal would be to train students and raise the reputation of the school. However, the MonMusume school is different from a human school.

The money to expand the school must be earned through prostitution, and customers who are not properly educated may get hurt. If you go there to do naughty things, there will be a lot of injuries…such a school will be taken down soon.​

What’s new in Monstergirl Campus?

  • Added after mode. Crackle.
  • Zundamodo was removed.
  • Fixed a few bugs.
  • The concept of “water supply” has been removed, and stress will be increased when some actions are not accomplished.

Developer Notes:

From the grave to the cradle: However, it is impossible to completely prevent customers from getting injured. No matter how much education is given, a mongoloid is still a mongoloid. It is possible to turn over and crush or squeeze a customer. The reputation which was injured and decreased can be recovered by making a Mongolian girl get a job. Who will you hire and which ones will you accept? It all depends on your judgment.

Does it seem to be a school? Various elements: In addition to the research tree to learn the erotic play taken over from the previous work and the skill system for each race, various systems typical of the school such as “employment,” “school rules,” “school trips,” and “alumni visits” have been newly added. It is up to you to master these systems and make a bust as a great principal or be treated as just a dirty old man.

From beginners to experts!: Clearly, this game is balanced in such a way that it is impossible to clear it on your first playthrough. Even if you are familiar with this type of genre, you may find it difficult even the second time, and the third time you may be able to clear it. It is not just unreasonable, but what to choose from the events possible once a month, and who to get a job next. How many Mon girls will you accept? If you plan well, it is not difficult to clear.

But don’t worry. For those who are not used to this kind of genre, the difficulty can be lowered, and even if the game is disappointing, there is an open scene feature. Of course, you can also increase the difficulty for those who want a more challenging game.

A wealth of features in addition to the main mode: In addition to the difficulty level selection, hidden clear conditions for advanced players are implemented. Furthermore, Ver1.10 and Ver1.20 add special modes other than the main mode and the ability to start the game with special settings. You will definitely be able to pull out plenty and play plenty!

Game Screenshot:

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