Music Production – The Art Of Mixdown And Mastering

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Learn How To Mixdown Effectively Every Single Time !!!

Omar has mixed down 1000’s of tracks from his label and his own !!!

Omar Meho Breaks Down What Makes A Successful Mixdown Using Diagrams And Easy To Break Down Steps.

Mixing down is the art of balancing sounds

Includes Templates, Track Layouts, Samples, Diagrams and more Downloadable Resources!!

Learn useful techniques such as: PanningEQCompressionSaturation & More!

Ever wanted your record to sound like a successful pop hit! Take this course!

Learn from methods used by the top producers!

If you are new to Ableton you must buy this course!

Learn How To Use Ableton The Right Way!!!

Omar Meho is a resident DJ in Ibiza, he has played in front of 12,500 people at a festival, recorded mixes for the BBC he will teach you how he has made over 200 tracks in the past 8 months as a producer. He runs his own record label and has signed his successful E.P’s and Albums to over 10 record labels in that time. Having plays on BBC Radio 1 and support from some of the world’s top DJ’s and producers including Marco Carola, Adam Beyer, Guti, Chris Stussy, East End Dubs & more.

5-Star Reviews

1. Randy

Omar has alot of experience as a DJ and a good understanding of the music business side of things. He’s helpful in any regard and is practical when explaining ideas. Overall great session.

2. Brett

Omar knows his stuff – both as a DJ and producer!

3. Harry

Omar changed the way i see ableton. Big recommends for anyone looking to expand their profile, up their work flow or master ableton! Big up

4. Sam

Omar was incredibly inspiring and helpful. I’m looking forward to continuing to progress towards a career in music with his direction.

5. Jamie

A truly experienced professional in the music industry, knowledgeable in all areas from production to marketing and distribution. Each lesson I take away valuable information and advice that accelerates my career. Thank you Omar

6. Kyle

Omar is an very experienced and well rounded DJ, with knowledge of a wide variety of genres. He has massively improved my mixing within a matter of weeks. Furthermore, I look forward to his coaching regarding music production and self promotion in the future. Overall, I have come on leaps and bounds under his guidance.

7. David

Omar is very knowledgeable about music production. More importantly he knows how to save a lot of time and time saves money and that’s a good thing. You’ll make his fees back because you’ll be able to produce much faster. Save your time and your money with Omar.

8. Shannon

Omar is a trustworthy tutor He taught me how to DJ from scratch and I now play on the radio He is an expert and very professional

9. Yasmin

Omar is a trustworthy tutor as he is always on time and very patient with his clients, he helped me start up on my producing and getting to grips with the software I use as well as some important tips and tricks.

10. Nicole

Omar is a fantastic tutor, a passionate dj who taught me how to start up on my decks, transitions and bpm through to producing my own records and signing to record labels. I recommend him 100%.

Learn to become an Mixdown expert with Ableton Live 10.

Go ahead and click the enrol button, and I’ll see you in lesson 1!

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Who this course is for:

  • Ableton Users.


  • Ableton or 30-day trial from their website.

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