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JBProductions Games released a new game called Nanoverse and the version is Build 8. The game’s story is about Control nanobots injected into your body to shape your character’s path. Nanoverse is a life sim where you can play the way you like. ​

File Size:935.9 MB
Version:Build 8
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac


Build7- 2023-07-08


  • Quest for Janice – Helping Hands
  • Quest for Ricky – Clues Hunt
  • Quest for Morgan – Who is in Charge?
  • Quest for Chloe – Subject Observation
  • Quest for Chloe – The Rebellion


  • Mission selection has been added to the mission room, it unlocks after completing quest 5
  • Maid Job – Found at Morgan’s house after Q5, used for lowering mission threat.(13 random events)
  • 4 New NPCs – Morgan’s family found at their home
  • New sublocation – Morgan’s house
  • Additional Chat interactions for Morgan’s family members(10 in total)
  • Game over mechanic is now implemented. The player can lose the game.

Game refinement

  • Redesigned Quest log screen
  • Redesigned Mission room screen. It gains more functionalities as the player completes initial quests.

Build6 – 2023-06-16


  • New quest – Q4 [Deduce the strategy]
  • New quest – Q5 [Direct contact]


  • Sexuality Branch of Skill tree is now fully developed (12 new skills)
  • New skill – Low Class Escort
  • New location – Red Light District
  • New Job – Escorting level1 (5 unique clients to find)
  • New NPC – Escort girl, to satisfy your needs

Build5 – 2023-05-19


  • New NPC – Karla
  • New NPC – Shaun
  • New NPC – Bruce
  • New NPC – Nicole
  • New quest – Q2 [Surver the surroundings]
  • New quest – Q3 [Dinner time]


  • New screen – Customization screen for adjusting MC looks
  • New location – car dealership
  • New location – restaurant
  • New location – gym
  • New location – Rich neighborhood
  • Redesigned skill [Body alteration] -> [New style]
  • New skill – [Hairstyle]
  • New skill – [Hair color]
  • New skill – [Lips alteration]
  • New skill – [Breasts alteration]
  • Added 3 new toys to buy at sex shop, each having a unique masturbation scene

Game refinement

  • Redesigned location screen
  • Reduced grind from conversations with NPCs
  • [Change clothing] option has been temporarily disabled for upcoming rework

Developer Notes:

Choose your own path
In Nanoverse you can choose your path and make your own decisions. What you will do depends solely on your judgement. Final goal for the game is to have 6 unique paths that will satisfy player’s unique preferences. Regardless of chosen path, player will receive access to variety of activities and locations.

Meaningful NPC’s
Build relationships with unique NPC. Each having different personality, kinks and motivations. Establish type of relationships of your choosing. Final goal for the game is to have variety of NPC’s with possibility to establish sub/dom/swing/classic relationships. Life is complex and I want every player to be able to experience different kind of relationships.

Character customization
Control the way your character looks, which influences the game. Final goal for the game is to have ability to change appearance, clothing, get new accesories, apartments and tools. Each of these will have meaningful impact on the game by unlocking new content so it doesn’t feel like you are spending in-game money just for sake of spending it.

Random events
In order to make game more exciting, player will occasional run into random events and dialogue options that will let him react in variety of ways. Final goal for the game is to have as many random events and meaningful dialogue options as possible to give back control to the player while constantly introducing novelty.

Community driven
Finally, and most importantly, I am developing this game with modularity in mind. The goal is to create game that is modding friendly and allows players to propose or write their own events, locations, characters, dialogues and have them added to the game. The most important goal this game is trying to achieve is to let community decide about Nanoverse development.

Game Screenshot:


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