Nights of Temptation [Demo v3] Spicy Pumpkin free Download

Spicy Pumpkin Games released a new game called Nights of Temptation and the version is Demo v3. The game’s story is about Jack thought he struck gold when he purchased a house dirt-cheap, only to discover that it’s haunted by lots of horny, sex-craving ghosts. Fearing for his health and sanity, Jack seeks help from the Temple of Purification and meets a very attractive, but sketchy priestess named Claire. With the questionable help of Claire, Jack must endure 5 unforgettable nights of temptation and spectral allure. These ethereal beings, each with their own seductive charm, are bound by a curse that only Jack’s resolve can break.

Embracing the Halloween spirit from my previous game (Horror Mansion), I present to you a world where horror meets desire. Will you succumb to the haunting seductions, or will you break the curse and uncover the mystery behind Claire’s true intentions? The choice is yours in this unique fusion of FNAF-inspired survival and a Visual Novel of tantalizing intrigue!

Developer:Spicy Pumpkin
File Size:582.9 MB
Version:Demo v3
OS:Windows, Linux


Demo v3
Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Game is still under development, but aims to fully release by the end of 2023.

Game Screenshot:


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