Non Linear Programming Problem For Academics And Research

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Non-Linear programming problems (NLPP), Course is designed by a team of engineering Viya and they have trained more than 10,000 students in last 19 years, In this course, All course contents and video lectures are systematically organized and all ambiguity, of course, is removed. The most beautiful thing about this course is, To learn this course you don’t require any prerequisite concepts because all necessary prerequisites are cover in the course only. In NLPP Course all problems are grouped into a number of exercises where each exercise contains a similar type of problem. All type of problems is solved and explained in detail with a simple approach and understandable language.

In this course, You will be going to learn all types of Non-Linear Programming Problems (NLPP) with the problem-solving approach, In NLPP here we have covered the calculation of Relative maxima, Relative Minima, Lagrangian Multiplier, and Kuhn tucker Method. In the Lagrangian multiplier here, we have covered two variables one constraint, Three variables one constraint, two variables two constraints, and three variables two constraints problems. In the Kuhn-Tucker method here we have covered one Inequality and Two Inequality constraint problems.

This course is designed for Engineering Students, Management students, Mathematics scholars, and Research Schololors either from management or from the engineering field.

Course Outcome of NLPP Course is given below:-

After completion of this course, students will be able to:

1)Understand the Basics of NLPP and LPP.

2) Differentiate LPP and NLPP.

4) Apply appropriate methods to solve NLPP Problem.

3) Calculate Relative Maxima and Relative Minima.

4) Solve NLPP Problem with equality constraints using Lagrangian Multiplier.

5) Solve NLPP Problem with inequality constraint using Kuhn-Tucker Method

Who this course is for:

  • Engineering Students, Management Students, Mathematics Scholar and Research Scholar


  • No prerequisites are required because all prerequisites are covered in separate section at beginning before start of the course.

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