Okrs For Product Managers And Software-Engineers

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What you’ll get from this course

This is probably the only course on Udemy which is focusing on introducing OKRs in a Tech or IT setting.

1. Why OKRs are a gamechanger in the goal setting area and how it will drive your business.

2. How you can utilize OKRs full potential to achieve your goals faster with less resources.

3. Learn how to craft not only good, but great OKRs.

4. Create your own OKR framework from scratch, which perfectly meets your requirements and needs.

5. Learn from my 5+ year experience of applying OKRs in Product Management and Software-Engineering.

And finally… Become an OKR expert in less than 10 hours!

This course is right for you, if…

… you want to learn how Google, Amazon or Spotify is getting things done.

… you have no or basic OKR knowledge or if you stuck with applying OKRs in your organization.

… you have a busy schedule and only limited time to learn.

… you are working in the Tech or IT-industry as a Product Manager or Software-Engineer.

… you have some or full autonomy in your daily work routines.

… you want to spend your (professional) time a more efficient way.

… you like “hands-on” trainings.

This course is likely not right for you, if…

… you are already an OKR expert with 5+ years of experience in this domain. This course is intended for OKR novices who have limited or no experience.

… you do not have any stakes in the Tech or IT-industry.

… you do not have any autonomy in your daily work routines.

… you don’t like “hands-on” trainings.

What if I have questions?

You can always reach out to the Q&A section to discuss your questions with me and the community.

This is probably the best way to share and learn from all experiences in the field.
Also feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn, I’m looking forward connecting with you!

See you on the inside!

Who this course is for:

  • IT Professional
  • Software Developer
  • Project Manager
  • IT Managers
  • Product Manager
  • AI Product Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Software Engineer
  • System Engineer


  • No prerequisites required

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