Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Oci) – Essentials

In this post, I am sharing the easiest way to free download the Udemy Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Oci) – Essentials in video format file direct link to the latest updates. Autonomous Database creation & access via – sqldeveloper, APEX, ML and Linux instance creation & Access (Char & GUI)

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This unique course covers critical and essential concept of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). To make understanding better there are demonstrations and Quiz as appropriate.

Oracle has restructured its Oracle cloud offering about a year back. Earlier it had offered Oracle cloud Infra only for 30 days as trial. Now they have included an always free tier service as well. This mean you can always use the Oracle cloud free tier service always free without restriction of any time period.  When one compares with other service provider the trials period is only for month, very few offer always free tier service but the feature or usage is very limited, unlike Oracle cloud.

Oracle Cloud offer following in always free tier.

  • Two Autonomous Oracle Database
  • Two Compute engine – can be used to create Linux VM

The topic of coverage includes the following.

  • Cloud vs On Prem analogy – For better understanding of cloud.
  • What’s Cloud & its characteristics
  • Getting in & accessing Oracle Cloud infrastructure.
  • Oracle cloud infrastructure – components.
  • What’s autonomous Database.
  • Creating Autonomous Database on Cloud
  • Autonomous Database tools – usage and associated demonstration.
  • Accessing sql developer through web and sql developer client.
  • Populating cloud table from spreadsheet.
  • Oracle APEX tool•Creating workspace.•Navigation in Oracle APEX.•Loading data from spreadsheet.•Creating a simple report.
  • Data analytics and visualization using Oracle ML.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure terminology.
  • Compute Engine – creation of Oracle Linux instance on VM (Virtual machine) and access.
  • Step by Step demonstration of creation of Linux instance and accessing it from Remote via putty.
  • Computer Engine – Enabling the Oracle LINUX GUI and accessing through VNC.
  • Installation and access -Jupyter Notebook on cloud Oracle Linux (VM) & access.
  • SODA for Python – Using python to access the Autonomous DB table data

Learn about Oracle Cloud Infrastrucute (OCI) and Zoom up your career opportunities..

There are ample handson-demo to make understanding better.

Happy learning and exploring Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Who this course is for:

  • Software developers and IT engineer who wish to quickly upskill on Oracle Cloud Insfrastrucure
  • Computer science student who wish to explore Oracle Cloud Insfrastructure
  • Solution Architect – who wish to explore Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


  • Knowledge on Oracle Database / SQL and Linux commands would be beneficial
  • Account with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Free tier access.
  • Access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Free tier would be OK)

Free Download Links

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Oracle_Cloud_Infrastructure_OCI_Essentials.part2.rar – 995.0 MB
Oracle_Cloud_Infrastructure_OCI_Essentials.part3.rar – 995.0 MB
Oracle_Cloud_Infrastructure_OCI_Essentials.part4.rar – 41.3 MB

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