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Free Download Parental Love v1.1 For Windows PC, macOS, & Linux in pre-installed game file direct link with latest updates. The game was released by Luxee on 26 May 2022 in the adventure franchise category. Now you can download this game’s latest version with all future updates from here.

Parental Love Game Information

Game Name:Parental Love
Publisher:Levi Ross
File Size:1.87 GB
Operating System:Windows, macOS, and Linux
Content Rating:12+
File Format:ZIP & RAR
Last Update:2022-08-25
Game Languages:English (eng subtitle)

Parental Love Game Overview

In Parental love, you take on the role of a father of two who had a falling out with his wife Emily. You were a cocaine addict, you were a bad father, sharing only brief moments of happiness with your children between your inebriated and sober states, your children and Emily you now long for those happy times they shared with you. A while after your second daughter Ada was born, Emily thought it best you two get a divorce. You two went through a breakup and the court ruled her sole custody of your children.

What’s new in Parental Love?

  • Added 6 new scenes (see instructions below for how to access new scenes)
  • Fixed bug with gallery crashing
  • Better scene skipping
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation. Thanks, Grubb
  • Added two new translations
  • French by Maxo
  • Polish by Bev

Developer Notes:

I know this line has lost its meaning because of Telltale games, BUT! Nearly every decision you make in this game will affect the future in one way or another. I guarantee you will not encounter every scene in the game on your first playthrough without some save scumming which I do encourage. The actual gameplay comes down to just making decisions.

Right off the bat, you’ll meet your two children Ada and Elly whom you form a Strong bond.

Other characters you will meet along the way are friends of your children and other related females. There will also be other men who will try to cuck you. You’re not going to let that happen.

This brings us to our next topic.

Game Screenshot:

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