Power of Will [v0.010b] By G28 Free Download

G28 Games released a new game called Power of Will and the version is 0.010b. The game’s story is about You were supposed to be the next in line to rule the country when you were betrayed and forced out from your homeland. The civil war that erupted afterwards lasted for several years… but this isn’t about that. This is about what happens once you return — as the victor. Navigate a world where everyone wants something from you, and it’s up to you to determine what they deserve.​

File Size:157.7 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac


First release. Following scenes are available (all support Male/Female MC, some support making target character pregnant via debug menu too):

  • Seduce Chief of Staff before giving a victory speech.
  • Meet with ‘rival’s’ mother and potentially seduce, imprison, or enslave her.
  • Meet with ‘rival’s’ older sister with a similar outcome.
  • Meet with ‘rival’s’ son and daughter, bring them closer together or force them through a traumatic experience.
  • Meet with ‘rival’s’ wife and seduce, imprison, or enslave her.
  • Relax with your wife before your drunk daughter and her friend come home.
  • Take a tour of a lab your government is secretly funding, with all kinds of interesting toys (including body swaps, mind control, personality alterations, bimbofication, genderbending, accelerated pregnancies, etc.).
  • Customize the origins of many characters throughout the journey, which alter their dialogue and potential interactions. Note that once you’re in the ‘afternoon’ hub, that’s the end of “new” content for now.

Developer Notes:

To activate incest or cheat codes, replace ‘political rival’ when it asks who the man you’ve been at war with is with one of the following:

  • cheat – give max stats and unlocks debug menu, checkpoint system
  • related – make the player related to the rival’s family
  • cheatrelated – do both at the same time
  • others – makes it so other characters can fool around with each other even if unrelated to MC but related to each other
  • cheatothers – activates above and cheat mode

Game Screenshot:


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