Queendoms [v0.7.1] Hide&Play Free Dwonload

Hide&Play Games released a new game called Queendoms and the version is 0.7.1. The game’s story is about This is the continent of Queendoms, ruled by women. Men are second-class citizens to them. What will they do to stop the main character who by fate became the ruler of the most prosperous Queendom?​

File Size:318.9 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac




  • The patch contains following changes:
  • New mechanics of getting resources.
  • A continuation of the Bergdis route.
  • New event with Generaless Isabella.

Developer Notes:

From the very dawn of the society on the continent, a church had emerged that soon united all four queendoms, stopping them from waging wars and drowning in the internal struggle. The teachings of the church in this world differed from ours in only one small detail. The Goddess had created a woman, not a man, in her image and likeness. Such a seemingly small detail led this continent to existence full of inequality, torment and oppression for men. And of all the queendoms, Caledonia suffered the most, until your father raised a rebellion and overthrew mad Bloody Queen.

After that your father, also known as the first King of Caledonia, began to reform the queendom in order to get rid of inequality. The reforms led the country to insane growth, which the Queens of the other lands strongly disliked, because your father ruined all their dogmas and the citizenesses of the other queendoms began to ask questions. You are terrified of what they might do against your Father and the King.

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