Rebecca and the Sword of Nasty Curses [Final] Kira Tama Free Download

Kira Tama Games released a new game called Rebecca and the Sword of Nasty Curses and the version is Final. The game’s story is about Rebecca, a female warrior, boasted the greatest strength in the frontier village. Skilled and kind-hearted, she held a position similar to the village’s protector, earning the trust of the villagers. One day, a group of thieves attacked Rebecca’s village. Despite her valiant resistance, she suffered a major defeat, and most of the villagers were abducted. Takezo, the one she secretly admired, was also taken captive.

Determined to defeat the thieves and rescue the villagers, Rebecca set out on a journey. With the cursed sword “Slutbringer,” obtained in the new continent, her fate takes a dramatic turn. This magical sword converts the owner’s sexual experiences into energy, gradually enhancing Rebecca’s powers in exchange for her chastity. As she defeats the thieves and reclaims her beloved, what fate awaits the village’s mightiest female warrior?​

Developer:Kira Tama
File Size:683.5 MB

Game Screenshot:


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