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Free Download Renryuu Ascension v22.10.13 For Android, Windows PC, macOS, & Linux in pre-installed game file direct link with latest updates. The game was released by Naughty Netherpunch on 24 August 2022 in the adventure franchise category. Now you can download this game’s latest version with all future updates from here.

Renryuu Ascension Game Information

Game Name:Renryuu Ascension
Developer:Naughty Netherpunch
Publisher:Levi Ross
File Size:1.46 GB
Operating System:Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux
Content Rating:12+
File Format:ZIP & RAR
Last Update:2022-10-13
Game Languages:English (eng subtitle)

Renryuu Ascension Game Overview

Renryuu: Ascension follows the story of Ryen, a half dragon-half human. After some sudden events Ryen becomes the King of his country and starts his dutys as the King in the castle while also traveling around when needed to take care of many problems inside and outside of the country.​

What’s new in Renryuu Ascension?

Update 22.10.13

  • New quest “Bee Infestation” available via the Aldlyn city board after you had the Thremten festival events and the events with the Dark Sorceress to know about the dangerous forest near Thremten.
  • After this quest, you can advance the events with the bee girls to get their CG scenes.
  • New quest “Vegetables Request” on the Aldlyn city board. Requires Sandra to be in your party. This quest brings you to the swamp south of Bitterroot Farm, to ensure that you find the chest for Sandra’s events.
  • New option in the dialog with Lady Akira in the bathouse to change your choice about Grey’s transformation if you picked to return him to his male shape earlier.
  • A new sparkling event in the tent where the game starts allows you to toggle the “colorblind mode” on and off now. This mode adds white letters on top of colored switches, levers, and crystals in areas where the color is important for riddles, so that colorblind people can solve them as well.
  • (This mode doesn’t change anything for objects where the color isn’t important for a riddle. If you notice a riddle I forgot to upgrade with this mode, please let me know.)
  • You can now recruit Della as vanguard leader for a gun squad. The events start with a dialog with Cassedy in your sleeping chambers, after which you get the quest “The First Gun Squad.”
  • During this event, Della will be marked as “not recruited yet” if you used the cheat book to activate her earlier, but she will keep her level, skills and stats when you recruit her again.
  • The CGs for Mary’s scene, Ryoko’s scene in the clinic, and Sandra’s first scene in the underground have been re-made to improve the art.
  • All new and old CGs can be seen in the CG room.
  • The option to send the 4 slaves Grime, Miyako, Chieko and Glyntris to another country, or to set them free, when you buy them, was removed. If you picked either of those two options in the past, you can find the four girls in different places to fix your choice for them.
  • Grime – Thremten, top right corner.
  • Miyako – Havaria Port, below the dock to Amaranthe.
  • Chieko – Bottom of Witton, near the empty tent.
  • Glyntris – Parverhill, top left corner.
  • The dialog for this event is very short, since it’s more a “fix” than new content.
  • – New character sprites for Arevis, Baemeth, big spidergirls, jiangshis, and the imps.

Overview map and vanguard battles:

  • The placeholder character sprite for Della and her vanguard squad were changed to the proper images.
  • The messages for exp. gained and level ups for the academy now shows the name of the squad leader instead of the squad number.
  • The loot chest in the arena for vanguard squads is now special and can be opened by every squad. The lockpick ability is not needed for this chest.
  • In the arena battles, your turn now automatically ends when your AP are at 0 after an attack or movement.
  • In the arena battles, the blue movement tiles now automatically appear for the active squad at the start of a turn.
  • The “Turn X” message which appears at the start of turns in vanguard battles now automatically disappears after 1/4 sec.
  • A bug was fixed, which caused enemy squads not to attack flying squads when they were above unpassable terrain.
  • I made a new bonus battle map for the vanguards, primarily as a test for several new types of enemies:
  • Dark Orcs = Use swords
  • Brown Orcs = Use axes
  • Iron Golem = Boss enemy using a lance, with high DEF
  • Snakes = Bonus damage against mages (=”Dagger” attack type)
  • Skeletons = Use bows
  • Ghost lights = Use magic attacks
  • Ghosts = Use magic attacks (Like a “heavy” type = high DEF, low M.DEF)
  • Hornets = Monster damage type (bonus damage against gun users)
  • Wolves = Monster damage type (Moves during the opponents turn like cavalry troops)
  • Jellyfish = Monster damage type

v22.09.29 changes:

  • I added a second accessory slot for all characters. However, all characters in saves files from before this change will take off their shoes once when the new equipment slot is added by the system.
  • I added sounds to the riddle with colored orbs on the island with a big tree at the Brexeet isles to help colorblind people to solve the riddle. If you notice any other riddles that are impossible to solve for colorblind or deaf people, please let me know.
  • “Plant” enemies, Big Bat, Blue Slimegirl, Hornet, Alraunes, and Ice Alraunes got nerfed and are slightly weaker now.
  • I fixed the classes of the 3 adventurers that were added in last update, to allow them to wear the adventurer equipment.
  • All legendary weapons have red icons now, and all other weapons have yellow icons.
  • All legendary armors have orange icons now, and all other armors have green icons.
  • Almost all icons for items have the same color now, apart from a few exceptions, like riddle keys, which I wanted to stand out.
  • Overview map changes/improvements:
  • The academy doesn’t have to be used each turn by the player anymore. Instead, it gives 10 experience each turn automatically to level 1-3 squads, or 1-6 with the upgrade. Notification messages for gained experience and level up messages can be turned on or off when you interact with the icon above the academy.
  • The Arena is now a special vanguard battle map, on which you can fight several enemies with a single vanguard squad.
    The squads are grouped in 5 types: Balanced, Sturdy, Agile, Ranged, and Magic Supporter, with 4 squads per type. (Squads that you haven’t recruited yet won’t be shown in the choices as an option.)
    Each type gets a unique reward for the first clear of the map, and has 4 different randomized rewards afterwards, regardless of which squad of this type you use.
    For balance reasons, the enemies have 25% less DEF against sturdy squads (since the heavy squads have less ATK), 25% less ATK against ranged squads (since they have less DEF), and 50% less DEF against magic supporter (to give Phyrra a chance)
    The Arena battle is split in three phases. If you give up after the first/second phase, you get 15,000/35,000 gold. Your squad is healed by 30% when you continue to the next phase. (And a squad is always fully healed when it levels up)
    A normal loot chest appears in the third phase.
  • When a fire breaks out, the message will now tell you where the fire is, and the icon for the fire is sparkling to make it easier to spot it.
  • The storage near Red Keep now sparkles and has a hammer icon when you have the quest to upgrade it during the events in Orchel.
  • 5 new research projects: Siege weapons, stone towers, improved sanitation, and endlessly repeatable research options to increase wood and stone production.
  • When you plan to go to a war with another country (option with Theremis), you can now prepare improvements to the fortifications of the border in 4 steps on the special screen of the command center building.
  • Aldlyn, Parverhill, Witton, Calbridge Stronghold and Red Keep can take measures against sieges when you prepare for a war with a bordering country. (Begus for Parverhill and Witton, Dorgania for Calbridge Stronghold and Red Keep, and all three countries for Aldlyn.)
    The preparations have three steps for each city. The first step requires the new research for improved sanitation, the second step requires the work area near Aldlyn with the weaver, and the last step requires the bakery.
  • The interface of the overview map now displays how many sandwiches, furnitures, cakes, jewelry, and tea you have in your storage. The tutorial image which explains all icon was improved to show these 5 resources as well now.
  • The interface icons for beer and wine were improved.
  • 3 new repeatable trades with Begus. You can sell 15 Furniture to Ironholm Prison, 25 Jewelry to Calterburry, or 30 Sandwiches to Old Ashton now. The trade icon only appears when you have the necessary items.
  • 1 new repeatable trade of Mithril for Cakes with Dorgania.
  • These repeatable trades increase the relationship with the other country by +5 the first time you make them.
  • You can use the cheat book in your bedroom to test 5 new vanguard squad leaders when you pick the option “Test squad 16-20 [Aplha]”
    The CGs for the characters are far from being done, but I wanted to finish the system and all squads to make more battles without having to change a lot later. That’s why the characters and squads use a colored placeholder character for the time being.
    Squad 18 are pegasus riders, who can fly over unpassable terrain, same as Leneth.
    Squad 20 is the squirrel girl “Scuffy Fluffball” who won the poll a while ago. Rather than a sniper gun with healing darts, I gave her a “Med-Kit” ability to heal allies instead. It fits better to her character design in my opinion.

Update 22.09.13 changes:

  • New quest for Ryoko, which starts when you talk with her at the sleeping chambers. Requires the first meeting with Akai in the work area near Aldlyn, Shey’s event including her help for Maria at the Ironholm prison, that you defeated Raidy in the Spire of Courage challenge floor to get to the raid area, and that all previous events for Elly and Ryoko are done.
  • After Ryoko’s new quest, she becomes available for marriage via the marriage selection screen in the church of Aldlyn.
  • After Ryoko’s new quest, a new dialog with Elly will be available, which unlocks a new CG scene and her marriage. (Requires the wedding system and the vanguard battle system to be unlocked.)
  • New CG room page “Others 3”
  • The “Boulder Riddle Reset” key item, which you receive at one of the brexeet isles, is now automatically removed from your inventory when you walk out of the area, and added to your inventory again when you enter it again after the chest with the item was opened.
  • We now have achievements in Renryuu! While they were primarily made for Steam, they can be unlocked on all versions.
  • There are 20 achievements for now, of which 6 are “hidden” and don’t show you what you have to do to unlock them.
  • You get an in-game message whenever you unlock an achievement, and you can enter an in-game achievement screen via the throne in your castle in Aldlyn to check how many achievements you have and which are missing.
  • When you enter this new screen in an old save file, it automatically unlocks most achievements that you already achieved in your progress. Only a few cases didn’t save the progress about it, so you’ll have to do that again to get the achievement.
  • On Steam, the achievements can be completed in different saves, but the in-game achievement screen is separate per save file.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the happiness value for Ryen to be wrong after entering the CG room under some circumstances.

Developer Notes:

  • An open world to explore
  • Plenty of girls to have sax with
  • Beautiful CGs
  • Political meetings with other countries
  • Change the world by making choices
  • Several minigames
  • Mature topics include racism, misogyny, apathy, slavery, rape, death and religion

Game Screenshot:

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