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Stone flower Games released a new game called Routes of Life and the version is v1.4.0. The game’s story is about You are someone who spent the entire youth playing MMOs, not thinking about anything else and ignoring your youth. But life catches up with you. Now, living a life that is just studying, working, and sleeping, you feel empty. However, an update in your favorite game during your summer break leads you to discover a strange AI that finds a way to bring you back and relive the routes you didn’t pursue.

Developer:Stone flower
File Size:888.8 MB


You need to start the game with a new save to access the walkthrough and experience some new events. I tried my best to avoid this, but unfortunately, there wasn’t any other way.

New content

  • Main quest –Now you can complete the main quest. By doing so, you unlock Maya everywhere. You can spot her throughout the world and gain XP by participating in her activities. You can exchange XP for skills.
  • Luna – Continuation of her main quest.
  • Oliver – Continuation of his main quest, and due to his victory in the Patreon poll, he now has four additional events that you unlock while progressing through his main quest.

UI Changes and Small Fixes:

  • Quest list – If you are lost or unsure about what to do, there is a walkthrough available to guide you.
  • The sidebar has been redesigned
  • Oliver, Luna, and Linda, you can now skip their first scenes more easily if you got there by accident and don’t want to pursue their content. Some grammar mistakes have been corrected, and a few photos have been changed. Among other minor improvements, changes have also been made.

New scenes:

  • Start of the main quest, which unlocks new locations and scenes
  • Continuation of Oliver route
  • Continuation of Luna route

New locations:

  • Lust Garden
  • Data Garage

v1.0.0 Release

Developer Notes:

Hi, this is my first time making a game, programming and all that. I hope you enjoy this early version; it has a good presentation of the characters and how their dynamics are going to be. There are still a lot of things I am figuring out in terms of how I want to do them, so please keep in mind that things can change over time. I hope you enjoy it, and if you notice any errors, have any feedback, or come across any grammar mistakes, please let me know.

Game Screenshot:


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