Sasha’s Futa Challenge [Demo] Wzero Free Download

Wzero Games released a new game called Sasha’s Futa Challenge and the version is vv. The game’s story is about Welcome to Sasha’s Futa Challenge! Play the role of an exuberant futa participant climaxing for the top spot in the challenge and a secrete grand prize. But, first you must defeat the top opponents in the challenge. As you are marching your way up the ladder you can explore the convention center. You will come across fans who want a piece of action and conquered opponents who are not quite done with you yet.​

File Size:1.19 GB


2022-05-24 Public Build Release

  • updated the explorable area
  • updated sounds(some more lewd sound if you can find them:) )
  • updated textures- slowly but sure replacing block-outs
  • Got 71 morphs in 50 of them being facial morphs for the smexy bits(under the hood )
  • Clothing customization- currently only accessible to the patreon build
  • added a walk and run (left shift for now)

Game Screenshot:


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