Snapware Gun ft. Agathe Fox [Prototype] Snapware game Free Download

Snapware game Games released a new game called Snapware Gun ft. Agathe Fox and the version is Prototype. The game’s story is about Snapware Gun is an erotic game in the same line as Snapware games, but with a completely different concept. There are no mini-games that follow on from each other, but video is now an integral part of the gameplay and experience.​

Developer:Snapware game
File Size:632.9 MB


Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Game concept
This time, the game is set in the Wild West. The player comes face to face with model Agathe Fox during a shooting duel. Agathe Fox is an outlaw who needs to be put out of her misery. You stare each other straight in the eye until she draws her gun to take you down. You then have to draw your weapon before she does and shoot her on a body part of your choice to undress her.

Game system
The special feature of this version is that players can undress her in any order they like. The game is played over 6 rounds, each of which is won by removing the target garment. At the start of the game, the player has just 6 balls and has to keep the viewfinder at the bottom of the screen until Agathe Fox gets out of the way. As soon as she starts pointing her gun at you, you must point your cursor at one of her body parts and fire. Each shot gives you a score based on your reaction time. The faster you draw your weapon, the higher your score. At the end of the 6 rounds, you’ve won! Agathe Fox finds herself completely naked and is forced to surrender.

The technical part
The game uses the GDevelop game engine. GDevelop makes it easy to manipulate video to create short interactive films. Creating Snapware Gun was a huge technical challenge, as the player had to be able to undress Agathe Fox in any order they wished. In other words, a plan had to be drawn up for each of the possible combinations based on the clothes she loses as the game progresses. It was a logistically complicated exercise for me, but even more so for Agathe Fox, who spent a whole weekend doing the same movements over and over again, wearing the same outfit but arranged differently. All shot on a green screen with limited resources and my limited knowledge of the subject. (I’m learning as I go) The result was quite clean, and Agathe played the role brilliantly, thanks in particular to her facial expressions, which lend credence to her character.

Gameplay on Android phones
If you miss, you can’t shoot a second time. As for the rest, all the video content is there, with no sacrifice in visual quality.

An abandoned project?
The version of the game I’m offering you today is incomplete but perfectly playable. The filming that originally took place in May 2022 was never completed. When I was editing the video, I realised that around ten of the almost 500 shots that make up the complete video were missing. Still working with Agathe Fox, we agreed to return the missing shots, but it was difficult to organise a final shooting session because our schedules didn’t match up.

Game Screenshot:


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