Studio Lighting For Natural Light Photographers

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If you’ve ever felt intimidated by studio lighting, then you’re not alone! For a long time, I struggled to understand all the numbers, formulae and technical detail that seemed to be a necessary requirement for getting started with studio strobes, especially as I just wanted to get back to creating beautiful portraits!

I finally had a breakthrough, and realised that my knowledge of photographing people using windowlight was all I needed to get started.

If you’re reasonably confident with natural light photography, this tutorial will give you the confidence and skills to invest in, set-up and use your first studio light, including three very different lighting patterns you can create with just a single flash in a soft box.

This class covers:

  • Why I found studio lighting so confusing to start with (and the huge breakthrough that changed everything for me, bringing the fun and creativity back to my portrait photography)
  • The simple studio set-up I use everyday (and why the shape of your lighting modifier matters)
  • How to create a stunning studio-lit portrait using a Rembrandt lighting pattern
  • How to capture a beautiful studio-lit portrait using a Mask lighting pattern
  • How to photograph a dramatic studio-lit portrait using a Split lighting pattern
  • The three benefits of studio strobe lighting over natural window light, and why it’s proved essential for my photography business

For each portrait you’ll see my images straight-out-of-the-camera with exposure settings and the final edit, too. We’ll finish off with some words of encouragement before it’s over to you to put your new skills into practice!

Enjoy – and don’t miss the outtakes at the very end! 🙂

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