The Art Of Screenwriting: The Screenplay & Amazing Stories

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In This Bey Atelier in Screenwriting , students will learn how to write a movie script completely from scratch. We can all learn how to write a screenplay. This course will provide you the chance  to learn step by step how to write a professional screenplay by studying concrete and cinematic examples on screen.

“This course is based on the knowledge obtained in the best film schools in Spain ESCAC and my professional experience writing and directing films”.

  • Students will know the origin of the current structure of film scripts, from the very moment in which the cinema industrialization began. Then students will know step by step what this structure consists of and its relationship with the dramatic arc of the characters.

All this knowledge is based on the influence of Greek tragedy on the components of stories, a process developed generation after generation to date.

  • Students will know how a character develops during his journey in stories, as well as the mirror characters that prompts the internal psychological change of the main characters.
  • Students will learn the general rules of writing, as well as the fundamentals of the story, a theory supported by Robert Mckee. On the other hand, Students will learn step by step and with examples on the screen how to create each of the three acts of the structure of the screenplay.
  • Students will learn to create a synopsis from the smallest idea, learning the concepts: Tagline, Logline & Storytline.
  • Students will learn the narration strategies of a professional film writer: Anticipatory signs, Ellipsis and dramatic irony.
  • Students will know the 3 general plot types of film stories and the theory of the 20 subplots that have been presented in film stories to date.

Additionally, I will show you the method (from my own device) I use to write hundreds of stories and be able to develop them with a professional production team. There is no way you can take this course and not end up knowing how to write a movie script.

“I really hope that you can take advantage of all the knowledge gained from years of study and real professional experiences in the industry. Each class in this course will actually enable you to write a movie script”

Baudilio Bey Pérez

Who this course is for:

  • Writers & Authors
  • Screenwriters
  • This course is designed for all types of audiovisual creators: Filmmakers, videographers, youtubers, content creators. Students will learn to bring their ideas to the screen thereby improving their audiovisual communication skills.
  • Film Directors
  • Cinematographers
  • Scriptwriters


  • No requirements are needed

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